The EVIL In The World.

The EVIL In The World. God-Allah-Yahweh created this world and Humanity for a reason that He has NOT completely disclosed.

The EVIL ones on this world want to conquer, enslave, and control, the population of this world, and make it serve them. They use propaganda, lies, and deceptions, to spread their EVIL far and wide. Ignorance is EVIL, and allows people to be easily tricked. Actions speak louder than words, and contain more Truth. Do your research.

This world now has a population greater than at any previous time in history. The population is now stressing this world’s resources and that is causing many of the problems you are seeing. Air, water, food, and shelter, are the primary needs of all living creatures. The population of this world has tripled in the past 50 years.

The EVIL in this world is increasing with its population, and the shifting of the magnetic poles is occurring as prophesied. Climate change is NOT manmade and there is absolutely Nothing that Humanity can do to STOP the shift.

Do you know how to pursue Truth and Understanding, and become a Citizen of Heaven? Do you want to Enter Heaven? Do you even know the difference between Right and Wrong?

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless The Righteous With Protection, And Curse The EVIL With Nightmares And Disasters.