Humanity, Earth, And A Great Experiment.

Humanity, Earth, And A Great Experiment. God-Allah-Yahweh created this World, its associated systems, and the Life that it sustains. God-Allah-Yahweh has a plan that he is implementing, and over the years he has disclosed parts of this plan to his Children, Humanity. Earth is a unique world by many standards, and not entirely natural. The Moon does not appear to be natural in composition or position. According to God-Allah-Yahweh he also created Hell/Hades/Sheol/underworld, where each person who has died, their soul is stored until the final Judgement. God-Allah-Yahweh sends Prophets, Teachers, and Messengers, to keep his plan on track until its completion.

Do you know what your soul is? Everything you have seen, touched, heard, smelled, and tasted, as well as thought, comprise your soul, and can be recorded if the system is in place prior to your conception. Your body is merely a biological machine, that can be recreated using your DNA. God-Allah-Yahweh has already proven that he is immortal and can grant us this gift also.

Do you know how to make interstellar spacecraft? Do you have any idea how to travel at light speeds? Do you know how to develop the theories and technology to explore the Heavens? One of my purposes is to help in your development and advancement.

The Prophecies are being fulfilled and the battle of good vs evil is happening at this time. A time of trouble such as the world has never seen since its creation. The EVIL ones do NOT want you to Advance and enter Heaven, instead they want you to remain Ignorant, Controllable, and Primitive. Here are your issues right now.

May God-Allah-Yahweh Guide You To Righteousness And Good Deeds.