Obey God/Allah/Yahweh.

Obey God/Allah/Yahweh. The Ten Commandments of God/Allah/Yahweh must be obeyed to qualify for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Breaking these commandments causes Evil to increase inside you, and when your Soul is Weighed on the Scales, you will be Denied entry into Heaven.

St. Michael is one of the principal angels; his name was the war-cry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against the enemy and his followers. St. Michael is an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition. He is viewed as the field commander of the Army of God. He is mentioned by name in the Book of Daniel, the Book of Jude, and the Book of Revelation.


The Evil Ones want you to believe that you can force your will and Evil ways on other people and that there is no God/Allah/Yahweh who can Judge you, Destroy you, or Save his Children of Righteousness. God/Allah/Yahweh gave many of you free will, and told you that he would Judge you. The Prophecies are being Fulfilled and This Time you are Not being Forgiven due to your Ignorance. The End Times are Here and you are being Warned so you can Change and Hopefully be found Worthy of Heaven.

I Serve God/Allah/Yahweh.

Voting System Failures.

Evil Ones.


EVIL Leaders And Their Followers.

VOTE for God/Allah/Yahweh.


The Crazy, Evil Ones.

EVIL Wants To Enslave US.

Organized Crime, The Mob.

Obey The Laws, USA And God/Allah/Yahweh.

Can You Recognize EVIL ???

Blessing From God/Allah/Yahweh.

Heaven And Hell. Are Real.

God/Allah/Yahweh Is Destroying The Evil Ones !!!

FISA: Why Carter Page and NOT Paul Manafort ???

Stop Stalling Senate Confirmations.

Magnetic Drive Theory.

Evidence. See For Yourself…

Plot Against President Confirmed…

Evil Found In The U.S.A.

US Needs Justice And Rule Of Law.

Military Takeover May Be Required…

New Articles and Evidence.

AG Force Recuse Of Rosenstein And Mueller.

Advance, or Destroy Yourselves.

Truth, Evil’s Greatest Enemy.

Judgement Is Now In Progress.

God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching.

Blessed By God/Allah/Yahweh.

War Between Good and Evil.

Weapons And Technology Far Beyond Ours.

God/Allah/Yahweh Destroy The Evil Ones Before The Eyes Of The Army Of Righteousness. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless Your Army Of Righteousness With Strength And Endurance.

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