I Serve God/Allah/Yahweh.

I Serve God/Allah/Yahweh. I have little Love for this World called Earth. I have no free will as many of you appear to enjoy. I was told that I am Prince, and to find my way Back. I was 7 years old. They took me in a craft and showed me this World called Earth, and then returned me here. I have been obsessed with Star Travel ever since. I was imprinted with the Path of my Life, and am Not allowed to Stray from it. Over the Years I have learned, Who and What I really Am. I grew up in a middle class family and have a public school education and military technical schooling. I have proven that the Knowledge necessary to Advance oneself is Available to Many. I have proven that the Ability to Advance to Higher Next Stage Technologies is easily Achieved. I have proven that this a World that is completely controlled, but that Most, if not All of you, fail to see this. The Prophecies have Proven that God/Allah/Yahweh either knows what you will do, or that He Controls you. I am Controlled indirectly, where those around me have been controlled directly. I do know that the Faction in Heaven that controls me, is Not the Faction that has Visited my wife. My wife asked them if they could Contact me, and was Told that it was Not Allowed. My wife was shown a Throne and Me in a Blue Uniform. The Thrown has seven posts and lions beneath its arms. She met a Lady in White and there were 10 or 12 Men in Black also present. My wife was told that I would never cheat on her, and that she was the only one for me. After that meeting, my wife never again had a period. I had previously warned her that I might not be allowed to have children. My Existence and the Sun and Moon rising and falling in different spots now, means that we are in the EndTimes. Prepare Yourselves for Judgement Day. If you have Free Will, then you shall be Judged according to your Works and Deeds. In case you have failed to realize who I am, I am Michael.
God/Allah/Yahweh Bless Your Chosen Ones And Guide Them In Righteousness, Wisdom, And Knowledge.

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