The RULE OF LAW is gone in the United States of America.

The RULE OF LAW is gone in the United States of America. The American People have NOT seen JUSTICE or the RULE OF LAW restored yet. The corruption and law breaking are seen all over the place, and NOTHING is being done to bring them to justice. Instead we see a system of cover up and slow walking, that makes our Justice and Law Enforcement systems an absolute joke. The principles of which this nation has upheld for hundreds of years are gone. The President of the United States was framed by the very agencies and institutions that are sworn to uphold the constitution, and the investigations are still ongoing by these same people, yet there are no charges against them. The Attorney General recuses himself due to conflicts of interests, but the investigators and those in charge of the investigations have much more conflicts of interests yet they still remain. No charges have been brought up against these traitors, and no actions appear to be taken to do so. The United States is on the verge of a collapse, and if nothing is done soon to restore the US Constitution and the Rule Of Law of which it guarantees, than we will soon see riots and martial law declared. The American People have Rights and Privileges, that are being ignored. EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW is not supposed to be just a saying, it is supposed to be the LAW OF THE LAND. President Trump has done well on many things that he promised, taxes, economy, military, foreign policy, and somewhat immigration issues, but he is failing as chief of the Executive Branch. President Trump needs to reign in the agencies of the executive branch and take charge. Rule Of LAW must be restored NOW!!! The Executive Branch is supposed to provide oversight of the Judicial and Legislative Branches. Why are the corrupt politicians not being found and prosecuted? Why are the corrupt judges not being found and prosecuted? Why are you letting corrupt people within your own Executive Branch undermine you? Why are you not enforcing the recusals of the people investigating you when they have obvious conflicts of interests that require it according to law? Mr. President, DO YOUR JOB!!! These people have sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution, just as you did. They have broken their oaths, and it is your sworn duty to hold them accountable. You may become one of the greatest Presidents of US history, or you may become the President who let the United States be destroyed by lack of leadership of your own executive branch.

The United States of America is in crisis. The roots of our democracy are being destroyed from within.

One citizen, one vote is the biggest root, and it is dying. Illegals immigrants, legal permanent residents, criminals, and even dead people are voting. Busloads are being brought into districts they are not qualified to vote in. Hacking of election systems by Obama DHS has also been said to exist. Corrupt voter station personnel have also been reported. Our voting systems are priority number one or we lose Democracy.

Our borders must be secured or an army can come across and destroy us from within. The illegals can vote and make footholds in the communities, and as they take over they can dictate and change the laws to be beneficial to them and destroy us from within. They can also smuggle in goods such as arms and drugs where they can take over our people by destroying their minds, or making our communities unsafe. These are terrorists tactics, and ISIS is a prime example as well as the Taliban and Hamas.

The Rule of Law must be applied equally or the general masses will eventually revolt. Right now we see that a former President corrupted our systems and attempted to rig an election by a lot of different means and failed. He then framed the incoming President with false crimes and attempted a coup using executive branch agencies and employees, various politicians, and even the main stream media. The only thing that saved President Trump was getting the Senate and House intelligence committees to investigate the “wiretapping”. With all the evidence pointing to these criminals and traitors, and no action being taken against them, we see weakness in leadership and failure to uphold rule of law. Corruption must be purged or all is lost.

These principles must be restored or we will lose our republic and all that our forefathers created. God Save America.

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