USA : Battle of Good Vs Evil.

USA : Battle of Good Vs Evil.

Have you noticed how the battle lines are being drawn?

President Trump is “Making America Great Again”, and we have God and “Merry Christmas” back again also. We have an economy on rocket fuel and improving every month. We have jobs returning and even the ones that many said were gone for good. We have crime going down in our cities, and our law enforcement is being respected again. We have our military being built back up, and Terrorism is being destroyed. We see a renewal in the American Spirit, with pride for our nation, military, and God. The rule of law is slowly being brought back, but we have yet to see the justice against those who tried to destroy our nation, and frame our President. We see a President and his Administration keeping their promises. President Trump has won many battles against all the odds, so God must be guiding and protecting him. This would mean that those who side with our President overall must be on the side of God and good.

The Un-American Radical Democrats, Liberals, Atheists, Antifa, Satan worshipers, Satan followers, and any who fall for the Lies and Deceptions spouted from their unclean mouths, are evil. Actions speak louder than words, and truth will win over lies in the end. They put illegals over US citizens and legal immigrants. They left our borders unprotected and said “come and take everything we have”. They said “God does not exist” and that “God does not belong in government”. They tell our children that they can “pick if they are a boy, girl, or no gender”. They give prayer rooms for Muslim children but deny talk or prayer of other religions. They deny us our rights to free speech, and to protect ourselves. They take from those who work, and give it all away to those who do nothing yet are able. They let those who are illegal skate through the justice system, but convict harshly those who are poor but legally here. They give those with influence, the right to escape justice, which is wrong. They spread lies and deceits to get the ignorant to follow them and spread their evil. Satan is busy at work destroying them and their chances of ever getting into Heaven. You who are ignorant and believe in lies because they benefit you, are followers of evil and godless.

Throughout history we have stories of good vs evil. We have been told many lies over the years and it is only by educating ourselves that we may see the truth and understand what is happening and what will happen. God is preparing the armies of Heaven, and the bowls of the plaques. We are being tested so that at judgement it will be clear who is evil and who is good. Prepare yourselves for the battle for your soul, and the gifts promised by God. Our first battle is right here inside our great country. President Trump has shown himself to be a great leader, and he has been inspired by God to leave his dream life, and save America. He has not quit and continues to fight for US because God has inspired him and strengthened him. No normal man of great wealth would make the sacrifices that President Trump has, unless God inspired him. God Bless President Trump. God Bless And Inspire All Righteous God Fearing Americans To Fight For God And This Country Built Upon His Laws And Teachings. God Bless America.


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