Have You Noticed ???

Have you noticed something strange lately? President Trump and his administration, seem to be acting like idiots, when it comes to dealing against those who attempted to overthrow his presidency and frame him with Russia collusion? The American People can see all the criminal activity of the Obama administration and their allies, yet we see no justice. We are beginning to see some investigations but no indictments, prosecutions, or arrests. We see many resignations/firings of those we know are involved but nothing else. We know that the Mueller investigation must have shown the illegal activity coming out of the intelligence committees, but no actions are taken against the coup conspirators. Nunes and Gowdy are being given a look at the Rosenstein Memo detailing the Mueller investigation scope today. Schiff has not been invited? The Un-American Radical Democrats should be extremely worried at this time. Whitehouse meeting with Kelly, Rosenstein, and his deputy, have made this meeting today possible. What is hidden in the scope memo that makes secrecy so important? Why are we not seeing the Democrats screaming about this being unfair? What is going on behind the scenes? Obviously this has something to do with the investigations, and we need to have a little more patience, because this strange behavior is only making US people more confused. We know President Trump and his cabinet, are not idiots. There is old saying “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”. There is also an old strategy, “play stupid and you can catch your enemy faster”. We, the American People need to wonder if this going on at this time. It seems the only logical conclusion, because otherwise, President Trump would be an idiot and nothing would get accomplished. We, the American People, have seen all the accomplishments even without many of his administration picks still not in office yet. Lets wait and see what happens after the IG report. God Bless America And Give US Patience.


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