Honest And True, President Trump.

Honest And True, President Trump. The American People thank you, Mr President. You have proven yourself to be honest, faithful, and true in your actions on behalf of the American People. May God Bless You And America, And Guide Us All According To His Plan. You have endured much for this country and we thank you for what you have done and will do. We have put our faith in God/Allah/Yahweh, and know that you must blessed by him, for no normal man can endure the attacks and injustices you have without help. Keep the faith, and follow the path of righteousness. The American People are still waiting for justice, for those who attempted to overthrow your presidency. We know that you are not stupid, but we would like to know what is going on. Why have you not forced deputy attorney general Rosenstein and special counsel Mueller to recuse themselves? Why have you not forced them to give you the requested documents, and if they fail to, then fire them? Why has attorney general Sessions not forced the same? The American People are confused about these things because it appears that you and the attorney general are not exercising your constitutional authorities and duties in regards to these matters. Why have the two of you not forced out the Obama Administration holdovers from the executive branch, or at least relocated them to where they can cause no harm? ie: Alaska or Antarctica? Patience and tolerance are running out and the American People want to see results on this front. Mr President, you have been an excellent job on all the other fronts. Are you setting them up, and are going to take them down in a grand plan? We, the American People are waiting, but you are looking stupid on this front and we know you are far from stupid. Please assure us soon, for we do not want to see obvious crimes against you and our country go without justice. God Bless You And America.

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