Truth Cometh, But Will Justice Follow ???

The American People are finally seeing the Truth emerge. The crimes of the Obama Administration appear to be many, but will the American People see Justice? The illegal surveillance of a republican presidential candidate to the attempted overthrow of a sitting republican President are no longer conspiracies but based in facts. The corruption within the Obama era executive branch is undeniable now. How many people are involved, and how much damage has been done to our great republic, remain to be seen. The illegal surveillance obtained under the guise of a FISA warrant obtained using a fake Trump dossier, appears to be fact. The unmasking of Trump associates is fact. The Russian collusion narrative with all its leaks and illegally obtained data, is falling apart and about to concluded. The American People have been divided because the former Obama Administration sought to subvert the Presidential election, and when that failed, they tried to overthrow President Trump by using disinformation and lies to create the Russian collusion narrative. The American People must see this Truth and realize that this civil war of parties was not created by the Russians, but by their own government officials. The American People must unite and demand that Justice be served on all on those who would destroy us from within. The American People owe President Trump their respect and loyalty as Americans, and those who doubted him should at least stop attacking him, if not apologize. The Mueller investigation should continue and conclude soon, with the exoneration of President Trump. The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice, has done an excellent job so far and should be commended and continue its investigations so the swamp can be drained and Rule of Law restored. The American People should be angry that the corruption exists and that Justice and Rule of Law have been abused and ignored. This Great Republic of The United States of America shall be restored and made stronger so that it will serve the American People for many generations to come and not fall as the Roman Empire did.

God has blessed this great country and its people, and will continue to do so, as long as it keeps faith and adherence to him and his laws. God Bless America and give her and her People the strength, endurance, and wisdom to overcome evil and temptation, and live in his light with truth, justice, and freedom for all. God bless President Trump and keep him safe, and give him the wisdom and strength needed to “Make America Great Again’.

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