Presumed Guilty. United States in Jeopardy.

The American People must take a good look at themselves today. The American People must decide if we are a nation with the rule of law or if we are going to become a place of anarchy where the accused is “guilty until proven innocent”. We have seen many incidents lately that should have the American People worried. Allegations are not sufficient to find one guilty according the rule of law. Allegations should be investigated, and if found to be accurate and collaborated, then charges should be filed in a court of law. It is up to a judge or jury, to find the accused guilty, not the court of public opinion. The accused has rights, and lately we are seeing those rights being ignored and/or usurped. The accused is innocent until proven guilty. The accused has the right to face their accuser in a court of law. The accused has the right to examine all evidence against them. The accused has the right to cross examine all evidence and witnesses against them. The accused has the right to testify on their own behalf. The illegal immigrants have been given more rights lately than even a US senator. Senator Franken was forced to resign, without a trial or inquiry. The President and senate candidate Roy Moore, have been accused, but as yet there are no trials and/or convictions. US representative Conyers had some settlements but we know only that. The accusations are flying, but in the United States of America, one must be found guilty by a judge or jury. All those living in the United States have the right of innocence until proven guilty. Many in the United States are also forgetting, that false accusations or the bearing of false witness, are also crimes that can be taken to trial. We are a nation of laws, and it is time for us to remember that. The Salem Witch Trials are a good example of the way things can go wrong, if the rule of law is ignored, or false witness is believed. The American People need to think long about this.

May God Bless the American People and the United States of America. May he give them wisdom to follow his laws and the laws of the land. May he show you justice and mercy according to his will.


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