The Conspiracy Grows.

The conspiracy against President Trump is growing larger day by day. Perjury charges, at a minimum, should be filed against Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and Rogers. Former President Obama should be brought in for testimony due to expanding 12333 and lying to President Trump and the American People. They said that there were no FISAs and no surveillance, yet we now know that there was. They said Russia hacked the DNC server, yet we know that it was an inside job. The fake dossier used to obtain the FISAs was paid for by the FBI and even put in the security report that President-Elect Trump was shown. The Clinton email scandal was buried before it was even completed. The NSA database was used against US Citizens in direct violation of 4th amendment rights. The leaks still continue, but at a slower pace. What is being done against these criminals and traitors? All we see is an investigation by special Counsel and the Intelligence Committees into Russia Meddling in the Election, and the witch hunt against our President Trump.

Where are the investigations into the Former President Obama and his administration? Where is the Special Counsel for them? Where are the Grand Juries for them? Where are the indictments and trials? Why is the Attorney General not doing his job? President Trump said he would “Drain The Swamp”, but we do not see any of that happening. Why?

President Trump, you are The President of the United States of America. You are the head of the executive branch. You are in charge, and yet we see no action against the biggest snakes in the swamp, even with overwhelming evidence. What is going with you? You have been forceful with other countries, yet you are a weakling when dealing with your own executive branch. When are you going to show the American People some backbone and clear up the executive branch? If the problem is your Attorney General, then get rid of him! If the problem is with you, then tell the American People you are powerless, and resign. We voted for a strong President, and on the foreign front you are doing great, but here inside your own branch, you appear weak and stymied. President Trump, start fixing your branch and show strength, or lose the support of the American People. We want the President we saw at the rallies, who filled us with American Pride. We want to make America great again, but we do not fight for a weakling, who can not even control his branch of government. Be the President or resign. You choose, or we will next election!!!

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