America is Proud of its President.

President Trump made the American People proud today. The days of diplomatic courtesies and lies are gone with President Trump. President Trump’s United Nations speech was honest and straight forward. He let the world know his America First policy. He let the various countries know that the United Nations needs to reform and perform its designated purpose. He let the enemy countries know that he is not fooled by their lies and sees their world behaviors. He stated that North Korea is on the verge of being totally destroyed. He put Iran on notice about the Iran Nuclear Deal and that it seeks to destabilize the region with terrorists groups. He put Syria on notice also. He put Venezuela on notice.  He stated the way things will be when dealing with the United States and the way things will be responded to by the United States. It is time for a new world, built of sovereign nations cooperating together for peace and prosperity.

President Trump is the President of the United States of America, not the world. The United States and the American People are his first priority. We support our allies and friends, but the dealings with the United States will now be fair and in the interest of our nation and people. North Korea has threatened the United States with Nuclear War, and if it continues to provoke us, we will totally destroy their nation. The United States does not give in to terrorists of any form. The United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth and it shall be respected. The world has been put on notice.

The American People are finally proud again. President Trump has been putting forth the agenda he promised the American People. God watches over this Great Republic of the United States of America. God watches over the entire planet earth. God Bless the United States of America and its people. God bless President Trump and keep him safe. God Bless America.

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