Stop Attacking Our President !!!

The American People are sick and tired of the attacks on Our President. Our President is not mentally ill. The generals have never questioned his sanity as well as the the Vice President. Stop your stupid attacks on the mental health of our President. Also, stop attacking him because he is rich. If he was in it for the money, he would be taking a salary. We the American People also see that by becoming President, he is actually losing money. If he wanted to get richer, he would not have become President, and would have bought off you politicians, just like everyone else does. President Trump is Our President of the United States of America. President Trump is one of the most Patriotic and Loyal Americans, we the American People have ever had as President, except maybe those who remember President Reagan. President Trump is working for the American People, where those attacking him work for the Elite and Big Money. President Trump is highly intelligent and poses a danger to the DC Swamp because he wants to raise the standard of living and safety, of every American Citizen and legal Immigrant. He is against corruption, and believes in the rule of law. We, the American People are looking to see the 2 tier justice system replaced with the 1 tier system it should be. We pray that justice will be brought to the criminals and traitors of the previous administration and those of the DC Establishment. We are waiting to hear what the investigations are finding out, and hoping that other investigations are going on for the criminals in our government. Stop attacking our President Trump, or you may find that we too can rise up and revolt, against YOU. We, of the old generation, chose President Trump to save this Nation. To save our children from the idiotic ideology that is being spread in our schools and the internet. We want moral and religious guidance brought back to our country and its misguided youth. We want to be proud again, and we want our children to become proud Americans. Too much has been lost in the last 30 years. Our children act as if they are superior to us, but we know, that when we pass on, their lives are going to be hell. They have lost the American Spirit and now act like selfish ignorant social animals that believe everything should be given to them, and that they do not need to work. President Trump is highly intelligent, very rich, and works so hard, that you could compare him to the energizer bunny, even at age 71. We, the American People, have high hopes in our duly elected President Trump. We know that he believes in his agenda, as do we. We know that we are fighting against evil ideology and corruption.

The time has come to bring back God and moral guidance. To bring back hard work that makes us proud and our nation strong. We do not want to live off the systems that were put in place for those on hard times. President Trump is working to Make America Great Again. We voted him in as President, and he deserves the chance to bring us a bright future. You who attack him, that are public servants, will be voted out and/or fired. You who are Main Stream Media, also known as fake news, will be shunned and made bankrupt if you continue lies and disrespecting our President. You who are corrupt, whether inside government or not, shall be investigated and prosecuted, and believe me the executive branch will be cleaned out and justice will be known once again in the United States. May God shine on the righteous people of the United States of America, and bring us back into his good graces. May God strike down the evil and corrupt, and guide us to a bright future. God Bless our President Trump, and this great Republic of the United States of America. God help us Make America Great Again.

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