The Law and Illegal Immigration.

Today President Trump announced an end to the DACA (Dreamer) Program. It will be phased out, in six months. President Trump has shown ‘Heart’ by delaying it 6 months so congress can make a proper immigration bill pertaining to this issue. President Trump and the DOJ can not defend DACA because they believe it is unconstitutional and was an overreach of executive power by Former President Obama. President Trump believes in rule of law and it is his job to enforce the laws, not to make them. Congress is responsible for making and changing laws. The ball has been sent to the proper court. Do not protest President Trump for doing his duty as President. If you want to protest, bring it to Former President Obama, because he set it up, even after Congress rejected it. Bring your petitions and suggestions to Congress, for it is they who will decide the fate of DACA recipients. President Trump has stated he will revisit the issue if Congress fails to do so. President Trump must obey the Nations Immigration Laws. I believe he may be hinting that he may have to increase the delay, but that is all he can probably do. Only Congress can create or change laws.

Former President Obama, likes to slam President Trump, and ignore tradition about peaceful transfer of power. Obama is one of the worst presidents we have ever had. He did not fix healthcare, but has nearly bankrupted the nation. He weakened the military and that is unacceptable. He never fixed the VA. He never fixed the economy. He doubled our national debt, and what do we have to show for it? He illegally created the DACA program, and even gave them Social Security numbers which is not within his bounds. He opened up welfare, medicaid, housing and even driver licenses to illegals. He even told illegals to vote. He set up the Russia scandal, and that will be exposed to the public we hope. He should be locked up for conspiracy to overthrow the sitting President, treason, invasion of privacy rights, and failure to uphold the constitution, on immigration, and voting. The greatest threat to our nation, is corruption of the right to vote. It is a core value and law, one CITIZEN – one Vote. Non-citizens are not allowed to vote. Former President Obama has shown himself to be the most Un-American President of modern times. He mocks our core values and then throws it in our face, as if we are the criminals when it is he who is. The corruption of this past administration is immense and continues due to Senate nominations are still pending. I pray to God, that when all is said and done that all the crooks are prosecuted and locked up, no matter who they are. Time to Drain The Swamp.

We have many illegal immigrants inside our nation that must be removed. They have cars, homes, jobs, education, medicaid, welfare, and food stamps. They live better than a lot of US citizens. The time has come to clean up this nation. We want. Strong military to defend us from the likes of Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, and Radical Islamist Terrorists. Strong borders to keep our people safe and illegal immigrants, drugs, and goods, out of our nation. Strong law enforcement that can keep us safe and honest. Strong President and executive branch to keep corruption out of government and protect us from outside threats. Strong economy and new technological advances that will always keep us ahead. Strong judicial and punishment system that will make people think twice about breaking the law. Strong American minded Congress to put America First. We Americans have many desires and for too long have been ignored. Make America Great Again, the dream of every full blooded American.

May God Bless this Great Nation and heal her. May God guide us to victory and prosperity. God Bless America.


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