North Korea, The Land of Idiots.

North Korea has now tested and bragged that it has the hydrogen bomb. This is a provocation to the entire world. We know that North Korea has dealings with Iran and Syria. North Korea has smuggled arms to many locations. North Korea will sell weapons to the highest bidder. The time has come for North Korea to be stopped. The world should cease all trade with North Korea, and an air, land, and sea blockade should be put in place immediately. The idiots in North Korea are merely international arms dealers, that will sell their products to Iran, Syria, and any other organization, including terrorists. The threat must be stopped or the world could lose at least one city. North Korea has threatened the United States with nuclear war. Iran has threatened the United States and Israel, chanting Death to the US, and writing Death to Israel on its missiles. Terrorists organizations just want Jihad and to deliver death to any non Muslim or anti sharia law nation. Syria has already proven that it will use any weapon at their disposal, even on their own people. The world is in chaos, because of these idiots that are willing to use any weapon that they can find or develop. The United States has a huge weapons arsenal at its disposal, as do many other large nations. Maybe it’s time to put some fear into them.

The world could easily condone the use of chemical and biological weapons to stop this rogue regime. North Korea’s leader had his own half brother killed with nerve agent. The world could just drop chemical and biological weapons on North Korea in the middle of the night and wait for the population to die or at minimum become too sick to fight. The weapons could dropped into their watersheds and without proof they have no one to blame or attack. The bluff that North Korea can hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons is ridiculous and only an idiot would believe that theory. They are developing nuclear weapons to sell them to others, and this threatening the US is their sales pitch. North Korea is a tiny nation, that just one nuclear submarine could utterly destroy. I say its time the world united and destroyed them. Contaminate their food, water, and air, with poison and disease. Destroy their ability to be a threat for hundreds of years by killing its population with weapons they have no defense against. Hit them with the black death or just yellow fever. Drop plutonium dust on top of them and watch them drop like flies. We can even blame it on their own government, and say it was fallout from the nuclear test. The idiots want threats, well think hard on what you wish for.

Some of the larger nations of the world also have radioactive bombs that can kill without destroying buildings or infrastructure. EMP weapons exist that can take out electrical and communications systems, making them totally useless. We may even be able to rain down destruction from space. The United States and the former USSR developed many secret and top secret weapons and weapons systems during the cold war. Even Nazi Germany in world war two had many secret weapons being developed. Unlike terrorists that can move from one part of the world to the next and are hard to fight due to mixing in with civilians, North Korea is a nation with set boundaries. Make a provocative move such as launching another missile and North Korea will become The Land of Idiots, with death and disease striking, but not being able to even point a finger at the ones who did it. I hope the People of North Korea sleep well, knowing that their next action or outburst could be their last.

God Bless America and keep her safe from all evil. God destroy the enemies of the US, or forgive us when we must do so.

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