Spirit of America

The time has come to return the Spirit of America to the American People. We the American People, are a proud, God fearing people. We the American People, love our country, love our flag, and are proud of our heritage. Our forefathers fought the British Empire to gain the freedoms we have today. They created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. They later created the Bill of Rights. They wrote these down for all to see and know their rights and freedoms, as well as their obligations to city, state, and federal governments. We have grown into a great and powerful nation, but we are losing our Spirit. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is the duty of every American. Treating our flag with honor and respect, is a duty of every American. Learning the history that made this great nation, is another duty of every American. Obeying and respecting the laws of this great nation are the duty of every person standing on American soil. Enforcing our laws is is the duty of law enforcement. Protecting our nation from foreign enemies is the duty of our military. Ensuring the rights of the people and interpreting the law is the duty of our judges. Creating and changing the laws is the duty of Congress. Leading our nation and representing its people is the duty of the President of the United States. Our three branches of government, are supposed to provide checks and balances for each other to ensure against abuses of power. I want everyone to remember these values and to teach them to others. I want everyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I want everyone to salute our flag and know how to treat it with honor and respect. I want everyone to respect each other, within the boundaries of the laws. I want everyone in the world to envy and respect the great republic of The United States of America. I want the enemies of the United States to fear our military might, and to know that we will destroy them if they do us harm.

Many in this country, have lost this Spirit of America. Many do not know the Pledge of Allegiance. Many do not know how to treat our great flag. Many do not know our great history. Many do not know our rights, freedoms, or laws. Many are abusing our systems of aid, education, and health. We have become weak, in the eyes of many, of Spirit. We let illegal immigrants come in across weak borders. They take advantage of our systems, and get fraudulent documents, and even vote in elections. They are a great threat to this nation, because they are affecting elections. One citizen, one vote. Russia did not affect one vote, yet illegal immigrants did. How many identities have been stolen? How many social security numbers have been stolen? How much money are they costing us? How many own cars, homes and businesses? How many American citizens are unable to afford cars, homes, and businesses? How many American citizens could have been helped with all that money? How many bad deals have been made with other countries? How much money has gone to foreign countries? How many Americans are sick and tired of giving others everything while they suffer? A hell of a lot of them!!!

President Trump ran on Make America Great Again. Mr. President, keep your promises. Build the wall. Throw out the Illegal immigrants. Change the export tax to an import tax on goods. Reform the tax codes. Rebuild the military. Support law enforcement. Drain the DC Swamp. The Spirit of America must be restored. You are doing good so far, but do not let the American People down. We are counting on you. If you fail, then the nation will fail. The corruption in the republic will continue to grow and we will fall just like Rome did. Mr. President, you were voted into office to save us. We believe in you. We pray to God to keep you safe, and give you the strength and endurance to save us. God Bless America.

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