Questioning The Executive Branch.

Today we heard in court that the DOJ and FBI found no evidence of wiretapping at Trump Towers. Yesterday we heard from an Intelligence Committee that former FBI Director Comey had a letter of exoneration for the Clinton Email Scandal written up 2 months prior to the announcement which was before even the witness testimonies. We heard them say that the Trump Campaign was not under surveillance and no FISA or FICA warrants. Afterwards it was discovered a fisa was issued for Carter Page and a fica was issued for a Trump server. We heard them say no one was unmasked and that turned out to be a lie. We heard them say that there was no surveillance, so how did NSA obtained emails, phone conversations, and text messages get leaked? The Former President Obama and 4 Intelligence Agencies swore Russia hacked the DNC server and that was a lie. They also provided the fake Russia dossier as proof for surveillance. I do not trust a damn thing coming out of the Executive branch agencies, especially the Intelligence Agencies. I do not believe the American People are stupid enough to believe it either. Time and time again, we see the lies coming to light. Did the DOJ and FBI check the records at the Obama Library? Probably not, just as they did not check the DNC server. The Executive Branch needs to cleared of all Obama holdovers and all the rest need to be checked for being members of the shadow government or Deep State. The Purge should begin immediately. Where is the second Special Counsel requested by Congress? Mueller obviously can not perform the Comey, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, and others of that administration investigations, due to work and personal ties. When are we going to see President Trump start cleaning house?

President Trump, you are The President of The United States of America, and deserve the respect, honor, and dignity, of every American Citizen and all persons inside this country. We are proud of the way you have, and are handling the natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Many lives have been saved due to the advanced planning you organized. We thank you as a People, for your hard work and dedication in Making America Great Again. We thank you and First Lady Melania for your recent visits to the devastation areas. The American People Love You. Thank you, to you and your wife for the personal donation of one million dollars. The Liberal Main Stream Media can find no faults in your handling of this tragedy, so now they are covering Mueller and Trump Tower Surveillance denial. The Fake News is so against you. Please keep your spirits up, and know that the American People Love You. May God Bless you and your wife and keep you safe, and give you the strength and endurance needed to overcome your enemies and the enemies of the American People. May God Bless America and curse all her enemies foreign and domestic.


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