The Battle for America.

Just in, Comey had Clinton exoneration speech written before witnesses were even interviewed. The conspiracy against President Trump and the Deep State are very real. The DC Swamp needs to be drained. Investigations need to be made, and prosecutions need to made. The American People need to know that the rule of law presides in the United States of America and that none are immune. The Democrats have been pushing these values when they thought they could take down President Trump, so now its time they did the same when it is their people who are the ones being charged. The corruption in Washington DC needs to be exposed, and only prosecutions will deter others in the future of doing the same. The Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies are now confirmed as being corrupt, and must be purged. The Traitors within our government are Un-American scum that should never have been given any power whatsoever. Conspiracies to overthrow Presidents have existed before, but this time it is a Former President that set it up. There is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power from one President to the next President. That did not occur this time and that makes former President Obama an Un-American Traitor that threw away the Constitution he swore to uphold. The Constitution must be upheld, or the Republic of The United States of America is no more.

I love this nation as do many true Americans, but lately we have been seeing a rise in lawlessness, especially from the liberal Democrats. Cities, States, and organizations feel that the law applies to others but not to them, if they do not like it. If you do not like something, you peacefully protest, petition, and bring to vote your opinions. If the majority votes you down, then you accept it, and move on. In Presidential elections, it is the Electoral College that votes for the President. This is our system, and this has been so, for a long time. President Trump won the Electoral College and is now our duly elected President. I do not care if you love him, hate him, or are so-so about him. President Trump is the President of The United States of America, and is due the respect, honor, and loyalty, of every true-blooded American. Our President represents the People of this great nation, and the people stand behind the President for as long as he is in office. The American People have fallen from grace, for many reasons according to myself and many other old-timers. God, Nation, and Flag, have been forgotten for many years now. The youth of our nation used to desire such jobs as, soldier, policeman, fireman, and various workers. We see today’s youth as spoiled brats who only want everything handed to them, and who have no desire to work, but to live off their parents or the system. Pride in work, seems like a concept of the past, but it made this nation great. We voted to get that back, so we elected President Trump. We are tired of being treated like trash by others. We are tired of our laws being abused and not enforced. We are tired of our children living at home well into adulthood, and thinking everything should be given to them without any work. We want a bright and glorious future like in the days of Ronald Reagan. We voted for President Trump because his agenda will bring us to that dream again and beyond. We want to Make America Great Again. If our liberal Democratic youths want to make this nation fascist or socialist, we will fight them for it. We are older, wiser, and stronger, then these worthless youths, but we love them and will teach them to be hard working Americans. We will Make America Great Again.

May God Bless America. May God give us the strength and patience to change our nation and its youth.

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