Democrat Conspiracy.

The Democrats are about to be in big trouble. The conspiracy to overthrow President Trump is coming to light. The Democrats have been pushing a false story about Russia to try and overthrow President Trump!! This conspiracy was set up by former President Obama. Former President Obama stated to then President-Elect Trump that Russia hacked the DNC server and gave the emails to Wikileaks.Former President Obama stated this unequivocally along with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DNI. Former President Obama even had sanctions and the ejection of diplomats forced on Russia. The Democrats and the DC Establishment have been pushing this story for nearly a year now. They know that it is false, and that the DNC server was an inside job. They set up the leaks to occur sequentially all the way up to the Donald Trump Jr meeting. The investigations must now be expanded to the entire Obama Administration executive branch as well as the DNC, Democratic members of Congress, possibly Judges, and the DC Establishment. The American People have been lied to. The Congressional Committees have been lied to. Democratic members of Congress have been complicit, and the time has come for justice.

President Trump, I advise you use Military Intelligence Agencies from the Pentagon to investigate this conspiracy to overthrow you. This conspiracy falls under Treason to the United States of America. There was no peaceful transfer of power. The obstruction by the Democrats appears to have been set up to give them enough time to try and impeach you or find some other way to cover up this conspiracy. The time has come to arrest and prosecute these treasonous Un-American scum. The entire Executive Branch is now under suspicion of aiding and abetting in a conspiracy to impeach/overthrow our duly elected President of the United States. You can also charge them with conspiring to start a war with Russia, by making false accusations and punitive sanctions. Special Counsel Mueller should be immediately investigated also due to his ties with the Obama Administration. President Trump, you are the most powerful man in the world. Former President Obama, the Congressional Democrats, and the DC establishment have been playing you, and the American People as fools. We the American People demand that you clean up this Democratic Conspiracy with your use of Presidential power. President Trump, you must show the American People that you value the rule of law, and that you are a strong President, not some wussie that they can walk over. This is the fall of our great republic if you allow such behavior to go unpunished. Former President Obama punished Russia for something it did not do. You must now take charge and show us, the American People that we voted for a strong President.

God Bless our President Trump and keep him safe. God Bless The United States of America. God destroy the Evil Un-American forces that attempted to overthrow our duly elected President Trump.

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