President Trump Visits Texas.

President Trump is now visiting Texas to assess damage and humanitarian efforts. State and Local officials should be honest in their opinions and let President Trump what is needed to meet immediate needs and short term needs. The American People are doing a wonderful job dealing with crisis, and helping their neighbors. May God Keep you safe and give you strength during this time of great stress and tension. Please do not panic and please remember what we told you earlier about safety concerns. If you are downstream from major water, evacuate or call for assistance. The rain is continuing to fall and flood control systems are about to fail due to too much rainfall of epic proportion. Please make sure you acquire some type of flotation if must enter the water. As the waters rise, the currents become stronger. Please be safe and do not put yourself in a dangerous situation if you do not have to.

President Trump and First lady Melania Trump are in Texas but will avoid the Houston area due to they do not wish to hamper the rescue operations. President Trump hopes to visit Houston area saturday of after, depending on conditions. Texas must prepare for more evacuations and set up more shelters due to epic flooding. President Trump and our First Lady are to be thanked for their concern and for having the wisdom not to enter the areas that rescue efforts would be hampered if they did. President Trump has shown great leadership so far, and time will tell if it is enough. This is an event that has never occurred in recorded history. May God Bless America, keep her safe, and bring her together.

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