President Trump’s DC Swamp Battle.

President Trump has been the target of the DC Swamp since he was elected. The Russia Collusion story is at its end. There was no collusion with Russia to hack the DNC server and then leak out the emails to Wikileaks. The DNC server was not hacked remotely, due to the data rate, it had to have been done to a USB drive at the server. Russia and Wikileaks have both been saying it was not Russia. Guccifer 2.0 did not hack the DNC as claimed, so who is this person and why are there no more entries on his account? A cover up? Remember Former President Obama was adamant that Russia hacked the DNC server and leaked the emails, as well as FBI, CIA, NSA, and DNI. The fake Russia dossier was also included in the report to President elect Trump. President Trump questioned the intelligence agencies, because he knew it was false, yet they still claimed it was accurate. Why did they do that, when they must have known it was false? Former FBI Director Comey verified to the intelligence committees that most of it is false, yet they used the fake dossier to obtain a FISA warrant on Trump Campaign Carter Page. They never allowed him to testify openly before the committees. Why? What ever happened about the Russian bank server that was pinging the Trump server? That was the only other FiSA that we know was taken out. What about all the unmasking that was done? The illegal use of the NSA database for political espionage? The Obama Administration was reprimanded by the FISA court for illegal actions. What is being done about this? What about DNI Clapper expanding who could unmask Americans? What about Former President Obama changing 12333 so all 17 agencies could get the raw data? What about the Obama Whitehouse security reports that were sent to the Obama Library? Has anyone subpoenaed them? Has anyone reported about the conclusion? What about the collusion between Obama, Clintons, AG Lynch, and FBI Comey? What about FBI Comey being a leaker? What about the DNC colluding with the Ukraine with dirt on Trump? What about prosecuting Hillary Clinton and Staff for illegal server and improper handling of confidential, secret, and top secret information? According to the rule of law, mishandling of classified information, intentional or unintentional, is a punishable crime. What about the pay for play with the Clinton Foundation? What about the DNC server? Has it been subpoenaed and analyzed? What about the Obama Administration’s abuse of executive power? The IRS scandal? The NSA and unmasking? The 4th Amendment violations of private American citizens? The conspiracy to overthrow President Trump? Are they being investigated? Why are the Democrats being allowed to slow down the implementing of the Trump Administration personnel? Why are the Democrats conspiring to Impeach or Article 25 President Trump? Why is nothing getting accomplished by the Republican dominated Congress? Corruption at all levels is the only answer.

President Trump and his cabinet need to consolidate power or they will never get anything done. Obama did not set up the shadow government, but he did learn how to control it. The time has come to dismantle it or completely destroy it. President Trump is the head of the executive branch. President Trump is the head of the military. President Trump is the balance for the Legislative and Judicial branches. President Trump, it is time for you to start using your powers. Investigate the corruption in the Legislative and Judicial branches. You Sir, are the top law enforcement, and Commander in Chief. Use the military to clear out the corruption in the executive branch. They are loyal to you, more than anyone else. After you have cleared the executive branch, then assign them to investigate corruption in the Legislative and Judicial. We, the American People, are tired of seeing our President under constant attack and disrespected. You Sir, are the most powerful man in the world. It is time Congress and the Courts, were put back in their place. You are not a politician, but You are The President of the United States of America. You are highly intelligent and learn fast. These politicians and judges have sought to usurp your powers, and to an extent, you have let them. It is time for you to learn your powers and the extent of them. Your sister taught you law, and now it is time for you to learn the powers of the President of The United States of America. You may also want to look into the black projects of the military and CIA. They may be able to give you further leverage in foreign policy. The time has come for you to become the master politician. Remember, they are all part of the swamp, therefore you can find leverage against all of them. Remember, you control the intelligence agencies and the DOJ. Use them well, as Luke used the force. President Donald J Trump, this is your country, and your people. Take control as you did in business, but remember, Congress is filled with corrupt little children, who think they are more clever than you, and can outsmart you. Prove them wrong and make America proud, then Make America Great Again!

May God Bless and Guide our President Trump, and make him our greatest President. May God bless America and keep her safe. May God lessen Harvey and keep the People of Texas and Louisiana safe.

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