Ignorance is True Evil. Enter a New Dark Age?

The level of ignorance in America is reaching very high levels, and I fear we may be entering another dark age. The last dark age occurred when the catholic church came into power and destroyed everything and anything that was against its doctrine. Buildings and statues were destroyed or modified. Books were banned and burned, as well as libraries destroyed. We are still trying to recover that knowledge. Censorship and the ignorance it creates is true evil. The last dark age caused us to go from a round world to a flat world again. From the earth being a planet revolving around the sun, to the Earth being the center of the universe and everything else revolving around it. Here’s an example, when I went to biology class in high school, and they were teaching anatomy, I still believed that women had one rib more than men. My teacher showed me an anatomy chart and told me to count the ribs. The number is the same for both. It was at that time that I realized, a lot of the things that we are taught are wrong. The truth may not be pretty, much of the time, but at least it is not a lie. The history of the world is not pretty, but we remember past mistakes and do not make them again, or else we fall into a pattern of making them over and over again. How many children today do not know history? How many children today do not know how to read and write english? How many children know math and science? How many children would you trust with the future of the world? How many children know how their toys work? They know how to use their phones and computers, but they can not fix or repair them. They do not even know how they work. They have no idea how electricity works. They have no idea how cell towers work. They have no idea how the internet works. They have no idea about how satelite communications work. They have no idea about data centers or servers. A major electric grid shutdown of two weeks would have our children in panic mode and probably displaying withdrawal symptoms. The American People, are not stupid. The youth of our nation is another story. We need to deprogram our children and teach them what they need to know, not the social media propaganda. We have a problem, and parents will see it as clear as day, if they ask their children what they know of the simple knowledge we were taught. Parents, you are not going to be happy, with what you discover. The children do not know basic history, or the events that made our nation what it is today. They do not know many of our words. You can also ask the meaning of your words and you will find that they have a different meaning to them, than you think or know.

I just want the American People to be aware that we have a huge problem when our children believe anarchy, chaos, and violence, are acceptable in our society. The young people of today, need their parents more than their parents realize. Children are young social creatures, easily misled by lies and deceptions on social media, and by peers in school. They are being encouraged to become violent, and to ignore the laws of the land. They are being taught to hate the older generation and wish to destroy anything old. They think God, morals, and traditions, are something to be fought against. We have big trouble coming, if this continues. Parents, be aware of the lies, deceptions, and accepted social behavior, that your children believe and engage in. May God give you strength and guidance, and a great deal of patience, when you discover the darkness and ignorance in our youth. May God bring truth, light, and knowledge of good and evil, to our misled youth. May God Bless America, and Give it a Bright Future.

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