Democrats Claiming Victory Over Republicans.

Democrats are claiming victory over Republicans at every fight. Check out . The time has come for the Republicans to realize the shame rhetoric tactics of the Democrats. The Democrats like to use the media to make fake stories that will get the Republicans to sway votes their way. It is time for the Republicans to unite, and show the Democrats that they are the minority not the majority. The Democrats pushed the Russia story when it was in their best interest. Now it is time for the Republicans to push back and expose what the Democrats did to try to overthrow President Trump. It is time for investigations into the criminal behavior of the Democrats. It is time to let the American People know that the Democrats created and facilitated the Russia story to destroy President Trump, before he even took office. The Democrats used the fake dossier to propagate the Trump/Russia Collusion story and create the investigations. The DNC server email hack story is also false. According to analysts it could not have been hacked from the outside because the data transfer rate is much too high, therefore it was an inside job. The intelligence agencies that claim Russia did the hack, never went into the DNC server, yet they claim Russia did it. Where is the evidence? Why didn’t the intelligence agencies subpoena the DNC server? The leaks appear to have stopped. The Democrats are silent and no longer pushing the story in the media. Why? If the Main Stream Media were true news, they should be continuing to pursue the Russia story and its findings, but they stopped. Why? What about the unmasking and the political espionage used to obtain emails, texts, and phone conversations of the Trump Campaign? Why have the intelligence committees gone quiet about Carter Page? Why aren’t the Republicans making news demanding answers and letting the American People know the truth? Why are the Republicans not telling the Truth? It’s time for the Republicans to lead, and for them to show they can lead. The American People want the Truth and deserve the Truth. President Trump needs to step up attacks on Democrats and Republicans. The US Congress and the DC Establishment need to be made and held responsible for the Criminal Acts they have done.

The Obama Administration hid the Whitehouse records at his Library. Have they been obtained? What have they exposed? How is it that the DOJ and Congress think they can bring charges against Trump Campaign associates when all the illegally obtained information will be thrown out. Remember, most of it was obtained without FISA and FICA warrants. What about the money President Obama gave to liberal organizations through the DOJ Slush Fund? What about the Billions of dollars that President Obama diverted from Freddy and Fannie Mae to pay for Obamacare? What about telling the American People that the Affordable Care Act is literally bringing the US Government towards Bankruptcy? How about telling the American People how and where 10 Trillion dollars of debt occurred and went? It certainly did not go into Military or border protection. What is being investigated and what will be prosecuted? The Democrats are all too happy at slamming the Republicans and putting it into the news, but the Republicans are just little wussies afraid to do the same.

President Trump needs the American People to know the truth. The Republican Party needs to learn how to protect themselves and President Trump from the BS of the left and to expose the left for the criminals they are. Stop fearing the left, and start fearing the American People. The American People can vote you out, just as easily as they can vote out the Democrats. The Republicans need to learn from President Trump, how to stand up and protect the American People, and to put forward his agenda to “Make America Great Again”. The time has come for the left to realize they are powerless and to make them quiver in their boots if they have done anything criminal. Time for Republicans to go to WAR with the Democrats, and show the American People that you will fight for them and WIN!!!

May God Bless President Trump and The Great Republic of the United States of America. May God show his wrath at all the politicians who oppose ‘Making America Great Again’. May God shine his light of truth and strength on the American People who love the Republic of the United States of America. May God thwart and condemn all who oppose the Republic created under him. God Bless America and show her Love.

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