Support President Trump and “Make America Great Again”.

President Trump needs the help of the American People to get his agenda accomplished. The DC Swamp is slowly being drained but the creatures coming out are relentless in their attacks against our President. Money and power drive them to twist facts and send thugs to quelch our Freedom of Speech rights. They question, belittle, and attack President Trump in hopes of forcing him to make a mistake that can lead to impeachment, or to wear him down to quit. They are desperate to get him before he gets them. The conspiracy to overthrow President Trump was set up by Former President Obama and the Democratic leaders to take him down. Obstruct, resist, and slow down, the agenda of President Trump, are their way of defeating him. They used the NSA database to illegally spy on political opponents, and get trash that they could leak in the future. The information coming out of the intelligence committees and special counsel seem to back this up, so we do not hear much about Russia anymore. The leakers are being sought and captured, so we see far fewer leaks now. A fake dossier was used to make it appear as if President Trump colluded with the Russians. Evidence is coming out that Russia did not hack the DNC server and leak the emails. Former President Obama and the leaders of 4 intelligence agencies have stated that Russia did hack and leak the emails. They also included the fake dossier to prove it. Former President Obama modified 12333 to allow all intelligence agencies access to raw NSA data. We have not heard an answer to why, except to spread propaganda. DNI Clapper eases restrictions on unmasking. We have not heard the reason why. We have not heard of any investigations into these and other matters that pertain to the conspiracy. I can only hope that they are being investigated. President Trump has been the main topic of so much negative news, that no one can deny that he is under attack by the Democrats, Liberal Main Stream Media, DC Swamp, and yes, even party Republicans. The stories lately, are that President Trump is not presidential, and that all his decisions need to be questioned. Maybe it is time to appoint a second special counsel and have him look into US Congressional corruption and find out their criminal behavior, because they are definitely not for the American People. Hidden agendas need to exposed and prosecuted. The corruption needs to stop, so we can save the republic of the United States of America.

President Trump deserves to be President of the United States, and given the chance to “Make America Great Again”. It is time for President Trump to be given the respect due to the President of the United States. The American People, want to see President Trump succeed. The American People, want to “Make America Great Again”. The American People, demand that The President of the United States of America be treated with the dignity and respect due his office. The US Congressional leaders should realize that it is they and the main stream media that are being disrespectful and that opposing President Trump only makes them look bad, and angers the American People. The time has come to work with President Trump to benefit the American People, instead of fighting his agenda. The US Congressional leaders and the main stream media, want the American People to believe President Trump is a bungling clown that somehow was elected against all odds. The American People know President Trump is a billionaire businessman who is extremely intelligent and capable. We have seen President Trump, on his own, and with his cabinet, make changes that others have promised but never kept. The American People voted for change and demand change. President Trump, and his cabinet, are trying to save the republic of The United States of America. The circus is the US Congress and Main Stream Media, that refuse to work with President Trump, because they hate him and want him to fail. News flash, the American People see the stupid games. The American People are NOT stupid, and President Trump is NOT stupid. Actions and results, not lies and deceits.

God Bless America. God bring your wisdom and strength to make America great again. May God bring truth to us all, and destroy the darkness of lies and ignorance.

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