The Future of The United States of America.

The future of the United States of America is now in question. We may soon see the collapse of this once great republic. When the laws of this nation fail to apply to all and people look the other way due to politics, then we begin heading down the road to destruction. We are beginning to see the rise of democratic leftist violence and the ignoring of our laws from them. We see a failure of many law enforcement agencies to uphold the laws on the books and just look the other way. We are seeing an Un-American movement from the democratic left that can be compared to the rise of the Nazis in Germany that led to World War 2. The Democratic leaders need to condemn this movement that exists within its party, the same as the Republicans must condemn Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists within their party. We are seeing a dangerous time ahead when the laws of the republic are ignored and not enforced. President Trump was right to denounce the violence and rhetoric from all sides. The laws of the United States must apply to all or the republic is lost. The Un-Americans of the Democratic left have become one of the greatest threats to the foundations of our democracy. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are violent political radicals that must be made to obey and respect our laws. We Americans, who want to Make America Great Again have voted for President Trump to make this possible. President Trump has done a lot on his own, but the US Congress fights him constantly as well as the Main Stream Media. The conspiracy to overthrow President Trump is very real. The intelligence committees and special counsel have been abnormally quiet lately, because they fear the information of this conspiracy reaching the American People. The DC Swamp is deep, and is using everything in its power to destroy and disrupt our President. Our US Congressional leaders are failing the American People. The Main Stream Media are attempting to mislead the American People. The State Legislators are failing their American People. The City Legislators are failing their American People. Law Enforcement Agencies are failing to protect the American People by following unlawful decrees of the Legislators. The American People deserve to be safe, and secure, and know the laws will be upheld not ignored. The American People want their republic back. It’s time to Make America Great Again, and unite behind our President Trump. Americans, unite, and be heard. God Bless America and give strength and endurance to its People.

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