Democrats? What should we call them?

The Democrats have become the Un-Americans. Yes, you heard me right. They protest against the freedom of speech. They steal an American flag from an elderly woman and make her fall to the ground. They throw bottles of piss at police officers. They constantly shout out vulgarities. Their signs are also filled with vulgarities. They hide their faces behind masks. They destroy property and now statues. They preach hate for President Trump. They want to kill police officers. They want to impeach the president. They try to assassinate republicans. A Democratic Senator calls for the assassination of President Trump. Illegal immigrants are protected. They refuse to fund a border wall. They refuse to repeal and replace their failing Obamacare. They refuse to admit illegal immigrants have voted in federal elections. They refuse to put taxes on imports same as other nations do to our products. They disrespect the President of the United States. They obstruct the senate confirmations of the Trump Administration. All they want to do, is preach Trump hate and hurt the American People with their resistance. They are no longer the Democratic Party, they are the Un-American party. They preach against Hate, Racism, and Violence, but actions put the lie to their words.

Americans love their country and respect their President. Americans follow our laws. Americans love their military and law enforcement. Americans respect the rights and freedoms of other Americans. Americans want a strong military to protect us. Americans want a strong economy and good jobs. Americans want strong borders to protect us from illegal criminals, drugs and terrorists. Americans respect the American Flag. Americans care for other Americans. Americans love the United States of America. Are you an American? Or are you an Un-American?

War, Hate, and Violence, appear to be the tools of the democrats lately. They have nothing else to offer. They only want to see President Trump fail. They do not care about the American People. Their hate of President Trump has made them want to go to war against him. They hope to incite enough violence to break the republicans spirit and gain control once again. Are we Americans going to allow this to happen? Soon the intelligence committees and the Special Counsel will let their findings be known. The American People are going to see that their Democratic leaders plotted a conspiracy to overthrow President Trump. The conspiracy is backfiring now. The Un-Americans aka Democrats, used political espionage through the NSA to come up with the Russia story in an attempt to impeach President Trump and rid themselves of their greatest threat. A presidency and cabinet that can expose and stop their corrupt dealings and destroy their power bases.

The time has come to expose them for what they are. Corrupt and selfish politicians that care only for what they can get from lobbyists, not for the American People. Look at history and remember what happened to the Roman Empire. It collapsed due to corruption. We must not let this happen to our great republic. The time has come for the systems our forefathers put in place, to be made to work again. Equal justice under the law. Enforcement of our laws. No one is above the law. It is time for the swamp to be drained and for America to become Great Again. God bless the republic of the United States of America and give us the strength to overcome our enemies, both foreign and domestic.