Drain the Swamp that is Washington DC.

What has Washington DC accomplished for the American People? Not too much. All we hear is criticism for, and the belittling of President Trump. President Trump has accomplished a lot so far. Even with being understaffed because he is still waiting for confirmations from the US Senate. The economy is picking up. Jobs are coming back. Regulations are being cut. The United States military is defeating ISIS strongholds. North Korea is being handled now, after 30 years of failed policies. President Trump is keeping his promises and putting the United States first. Washington DC establishments and the United States Congress are Not working with our president. The border wall has not been fully funded. The border adjustment tax has been shot down. The repeal and replace of Obamacare has failed. Tax reform is stalled. Infrastructure on hold. Come election time, the American People are going to remember these broken promises and failures. It is time for Washington DC to support President Trump or feel the wrath of the American People at elections. Democrats, you are the worst of the swamp. As the investigations continue into Russia, we the American People are seeing a conspiracy propagated by the Obama administration and Democrats to undermine President Trump and his administration. We, the American People want justice under the law. We want investigations into the conspiracy to overthrow our duly elected President Trump. The DNC was not hacked from the outside. President Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia. President Obama and the four intelligence agencies did Lie to us. It is time to drain the swamp and now. The leaks, the unmasking, the political espionage, the refusal to investigate Clinton/Obama wrongdoings and collusion, and many other issues need to be addressed. It is time for the American People to see action. It is time for the US Congress to work with President Trump. It is time, that we the American People, were placed at the top of the list. God Bless America and destroy her enemies.

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