War, Hate, and Violence.

War is when two sides send armed soldiers. Each side wants victory over the other. Death and destruction are both considered accepted casualties.Hate is within everyone. We hate to be hungry. We hate to be cold. We hate to be treated like children. We hate certain foods. We hate certain smells. We all have hate. We all feel hate when we also feel love. We love our children and hate when someone wishes them harm. Violence is supposed to be a last resort, when all else fails. If someone calls us a name, we do not use a gun and shoot them. If someone has a different view then us, we do not bash them with a bat or destroy their property. We live in a country of freedom for all, not just some. All US citizens have guaranteed rights and freedoms. All US citizens must obey the laws of the US, so we maintain those rights and freedoms. The US military protects our nation, so our people remain free. Our law enforcement agencies protect our citizens, so they stay free. Americans are supposed to hate all enemies that would seek to take away our rights and freedoms. We hate those enemies because we love our nation, our communities, our families, and our own freedom.

It is time for all Americans to become Americans. I wonder how many of you, know the Pledge of Allegiance? How many of you, know the National Anthem? How many of you, have read the US Constitution? How many of you, have read the Declaration of Independence? How many of you, have read the Bill of Rights? How many of you, know how to treat the American Flag? How many of you, know how to love and protect this great nation? The President of the United States, Donald Trump, knows how to Love and protect this nation. He protects the rights of all US citizens. He has upheld your rights of assembly and peaceful protest. He has upheld your right to free speech. He is keeping our foreign enemies under watch and rebuilding our military to keep us safe. He is securing our borders and throwing out the illegal immigrants who should never have been able to enter unlawfully to begin with. He is helping our law enforcement agencies to protect us and our freedoms. He is bringing back our economy and jobs. He is working on healthcare, before it collapses and bankrupts the nation. He is looking to reform taxes, not just give tax breaks. He wants to repair our infrastructure, and that affects all of us. I hear you calling him everything under the sun except what he really is. Donald J Trump is the duly elected President of the United States. He is our military Commander in Chief. President Trump loves this nation and its people, even though much of the nation only shows him hate. I say this to the American people who hate President Trump, take your hate to another country and see how they treat you and your rights. If you hate President Trump, i do not care, as long you as you show him the honor and respect due any President of the United States of America.

How would you feel if you were treated the way President Trump is being treated? Rejected, hurt, sad, angry, disappointed, worthless, hated, belittled, scorned, stupid, and many more. The American people voted for President Trump, yet the most vocal, are those who did not. President Trump is a human being who has emotions and feelings just like you and me. He feels pain and hurt just as we do. He is just not allowed to show it, because he is the US President. My parents taught me, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything. President Trump had a far better life before he became president. He loves this country and fears for it. He has a vision to ‘Make America Great Again’. He is restoring our economy. He is restoring our place in the world. He is keeping his promises to those who voted for him, which is more than I can say for most politicians. Stop the hate and stop hurting the President. If you have a true grievance, then voice it without hate, and it will at be heard. When you voice hate, it is usually met with hate. It is time to heal and repair this great republic of the United States. God Bless America and Heal Her.

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