US intelligence put forward false claims.

    Recently Bill Binney of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity said the following on Fox News:

What is going on with the US intelligence agencies? They all stated publicly that Russia hacked the DNC under the identity of Guccifer 2.0 and then leaked them to Wikileaks. Now we are finding out that the stories about the DNC server being hacked from the outside are false. The Attorney General needs to launch a full scale investigation, as well as the congressional intelligence committees. President Trump was criticized by many officials and the media for not acknowledging this ‘FACT’. I think those officials and the media, owe President Trump an apology. I also think the Russians and Wikileaks deserve an acknowledgement that they did speak the truth about the DNC server and emails. We the american people deserve to know why, how, and who, propagated this false story. It would appear that this is a conspiracy and coverup. We have heard nothing but, Russia did it to help Donald Trump become president. I want to know why former President Obama and 4 intelligence agency heads, have propagated a story that they should easily have known is false. I will ask again, what is going on? Who went into the DNC server and downloaded the emails? I think it is time for a second special counsel to be appointed. I would prefer a pentagon military intelligence officer to be appointed because no one associated with the civilian DOJ and intelligence agencies can be trusted. I wonder if the DNC still has the records, or if they have been deleted or destroyed? I think it is time to clean up all the agencies of the Executive branch. The false stories and disinformation need to stop. The people responsible need to be found, investigated, and prosecuted. We the american people, need to know that our justice system is fair and unbiased. How can we make america great again, when it is being destroyed from the inside? President Trump, please clean this up and give us back our pride, respect, and dignity. The United States of America is under attack from those who are supposed to protect us. This is a sad day for the US and its people. President Trump, we need you more than ever before in our history. Keep up the good work, and make us once again proud to be americans. God speed and God Bless.

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