Cover Up For Evil Corruption.

Cover Up For Evil Corruption. The Attorney General just described the Mueller Report and it appears that it is a Cover Up for the Obama Administration and supposed US Allies. It appears that the Mueller Investigation made the Assumption that the Intelligence Assessment Report is accurate and Unquestionable.

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The Cover Up is apparent, due to no indictments against Obama Administration officials and no testimonies and evidence presented against the asserted claims of Russian Hacking. No evidence of testimonies and evidence verifying the fake dossier or false claims. Why???

Time To Declare War On Mexico???

Time To Declare War On Mexico??? An Ally does NOT allow Foreign Migrant Armies to pass through their country and invade an Ally country. Has Mexico asked for US Military assistance to stop these armies? Has Mexico displayed any efforts to stop these migrant armies?


The allowing of these armies to reach the US border is an act of WAR. Mexico has done nothing but help these armies reach our border. The time has come to STOP these invaders. If the United States must declare War on Mexico, then so be it. Asylum laws state that migrants are to claim Asylum at the first safe country, so how are they being allowed to pass through Mexico and claim Asylum at the US border?



The time has come for the United States to realize that this an invasion at our border, being allowed and facilitated with the aid of the Mexican Government. It is time for the United States Congress to issue a Declaration of War against our Ally Mexico for failure to be an Ally by allowing Armies of migrants to pass through their territory and invade the United States. We have Disease, Crime, Drugs, Poverty, Smugglers, Swindlers, and possibly Terrorists crossing into our country through Mexico.


Drug smuggling


Women and children are no longer to be considered innocents. The times have changed, with various cultures now training women and children to be soldiers and criminals. The United States has no way of knowing if women and children are trained except through extended observation. Due to immigration and asylum laws, this is not possible and poses a grave threat to national security and the citizens of the United States. The Enemies of the United States are using the loopholes in US Immigration Policies the same as many immigrants and asylum seekers. The regulations regarding the screening of those crossing our southern border must begin to identify the Enemies of the United States and stop them from being able to harm those residing in our country.

Mueller Investigation Concluded.

Mueller Investigation Concluded.



Now will the American People see Justice? Will the Mueller Report have the efforts by the Obama Administration to create an Attempted Coup Against President Trump????

The Battle Continues…

The Battle Continues… Do you see what is happening inside the United States? Do you see what is happening around the world? Do you have any idea what is going on? The Battle Between Good And Evil, and the Prophesied EndTimes are now upon US. The facts speak for themselves, but many of you are falling for the lies and deceptions that are being pushed upon you. The facts are simple and here are some of them.

The magnetic field of the Sun is shifting/reversing. This is not a fantasy and it is occurring now. The magnetic field of the Earth is shifting/reversing also.

The Magnetic Field Is Shifting. The Poles May Flip. This Could Get Bad.


The weakening magnetic field is causing the glaciers and icecaps to melt, and the surface of the Earth has shifted as the Sun and Moon rising and setting in different spots confirms. The increase in moisture creates a further blanket to increased radiation from the Sun from reaching the surface of Earth. The bad part is that the shift has caused the jet streams that control our weather to shift also. The severe weather we are experiencing, will only increase as more moisture enters the atmosphere, and the sea levels slowly rise. The increases in volcanic activity and earthquakes are also part of this celestial event.

Manmade climate change is a hoax and a lie. The problems the World is facing are Natural and Not caused by Man. The Volcanoes, Greenhouse gases trapped in the melting Ice, and Forest fires around the World are putting more into the atmosphere than anything else. I find the Lies and Deceptions being circulated, to be a gimmick to promote the Solar and Wind Industries. Solar is ineffective due to the fact that it does NOT produce a constant energy rate 24/7/365. Output is dramatically reduced due to clouds, and non existent at night. Wind is ineffective due the fact that it does NOT produce a constant energy rate 24/7/365. Output is non existent when the Wind does Not blow and when the wind is too strong for the propellers safely spin. Technologies are coming out that work 24/7/365.

These technologies are 24/7/365 and once started can run without fuel. Why are these Not being proposed as replacement for fuel driven technologies?

Energy Generation.


The Next step in technology development is using light as electricity. This can be developed to reach the Stars/Heaven. The time has come to prove if you are an intelligent species or just a species that mimics intelligence. The next few years will prove this. Use it wisely.

I call this new technology the photon coil. The theory behind it is:

Light or other electromagnetic radiation can be inserted into a continuous loop of reflective tubing (fiber optic glass rods are one example) causing it to become trapped. This allows it to become concentrated and usable.

fig 1

I believe if used in a coil-like fashion this will produce a field whether this is a magnetic, electrical, or as yet unknown field such as antigravity, is yet to be determined.

fig 2

I believe if used in a loop fashion this will produce highly concentrated pulses that may be used in applications similar to those of lasers.

Fig 3

The photon coil in Fig 3 is a simple application and consists of four parts.

1. A light or electromagnetic radiation source. This can be as simple as a light bulb or a penlight laser or as complicated as microwave or cosmic ray generators.

2. A coupler that allows the light to enter the photon coil but not to escape it. This can be made of many different materials such as the glass used in the making of fiber optic cables, polished aluminum tubing, or new age plastics or metals.

3. An ejector that allows the controlled ejection of the concentrated light. This can be as simple as modifying a coupler with a rotating mirror or as complicated as using special refraction technologies.

4. A length of material for the coil or loop. This will probably be the same material as the coupler. The length is dependent on the application and the limitations of the material. The following should be evidence enough as to the reasons I have not attempted to build this. The formula to figure out the concentration factor per second is as follows:


The time in seconds the light is applied multiplied by the answer in the above equation provides the concentration factor. The concentration factor multiplied by the lumens or rate of photons produced by the light source will give you the number of photons being ejected given all the photons in the coil are allowed to be ejected. (note: a long coil with a mirror rotating very fast would not allow all the photons to escape, therefore causing the next pulse to be more concentrated than the first. Caution must be used or the photons could become great enough to go beyond the capacity of the material.) Here are some of the concentration factors at various lengths using 186,000 miles per second as the speed of light.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 1 foot equals a concentration of 982,080,000 times per second of time applied.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 10 feet equals a concentration of 98,208,000 times per second of time applied.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 100 feet equals a concentration of 9,820,800 times per second of time applied.

I hope you can now see why I am reluctant to attempt building and testing this technology. Here is an example, the light source is a light bulb that puts out 1,000,000 photons per second, and the length of the coil is 100 feet. The time applied is 10 seconds. The 1,000,000 photons per second multiplied by the 10 seconds applied equals 10,000,000 photons. As seen above the concentration is 9,820,800 times. The original light had a distance of 98 feet between the photons and now has a small fraction of an inch. 10,000,000 photons now share a pulse the length of 100 feet and their concentration is 98,208,000 times the original light. Those of you with any science background will note that the light source in the example is weaker than any star seen in the sky with the naked eye. This example was given to show one possibility of this new technology. The seeing farther than we ever have before.

I have now shown you the basics of this new technology and I hope I have done so in terms the common layman can comprehend. The following applications are only possible if our concept of photons is true. We have all learned in physics that photons act as a wave in some applications and as a particle in other applications, but what is a photon?

Fig 4

In Fig 4 you see a photon traveling through space as a particle having spin giving it electric and magnetic fields. I know this diagram will have many in an uproar but it is an accurate depiction of a particle of light.

The reason I have shown a photon as such is so you can understand the applications I am about to disclose to you. As you know infrared light has a lower frequency and ultraviolet has a higher frequency. Light with a higher frequency has a shorter wavelength than that of lower frequency. The length and width of the coil may be adjusted to accommodate and fine tune to desired wavelength or frequency.

The application in fig 5 is a possible means of using light to create electricity. As you can see, this device would work similar to an electrical transformer. Photons are injected into the photon coil at C, and upon reaching point D are directed back to the beginning of the coil at point E. An electrically conductive coil is placed between the loops of the photon coil and due to inductance an electric current is produced across points A and B.

It is envisioned that the frequency of the injected photons would also be reproduced on the conductive coil allowing electrical devices such as computers, radio, radar, etc. to operate at these higher frequencies.

In the following diagram you see twin coils with photon flows in opposite directions. Photons are injected at points A and B. The coils will fill with photons and produce magnetic fields that will cancel each other, which may cancel the affects of gravity on the object. This can not be tested with ordinary electromagnetic coils because they are too heavy and the concentration of electrons is limited. You will also notice points G and H. These are rotating mirrors fully reflective on one side and transparent on the other side. They allow the transfer of photons from one coil to the other, thereby allowing rapid changes in the fields. When a rapid change is made in the field, I envision the ability to attract or repel the object from another object such as Earth which also possesses a magnetic field. At points I to J and points K to L I am showing the avenues of transfer between the coils. At points C to E and points D to F I am showing the returns that complete the coils making them continuous loops. Please note that if this application is attempted I advise the device being placed inside a vacuum. It is possible that fusion may occur if any matter is in the center of this device. This is the heart of my envisioned starship. Please use it for the good of humanity.

Fig 6 Heart of a starship

The ability to manipulate particles of higher energies and frequencies is required to advance technology and science. Use it wisely, or you can destroy yourselves. The atomic bomb was part of your last development, and you still suffer from the threat of it being used again. Fusion, Antigravity, and many other advances begin with this technology.

God/Allah/Yahweh has given you many prophets and prophecies over the ages. The teachings have been twisted and manipulated by your religious leaders to make it appear that God/Allah/Yahweh is Not the same God, or that your teachings are more true than those of the other religions. Know this, that God/Allah/Yahweh, is the God of Abraham, and the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. He is Immortal, and Not a Spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Least, part of the Milkyway Galaxy, if not all the Universe. He has Lived at Least, many thousands of years, if not billions of years. The knowledge, intelligence, and technological development, that God/Allah/Yahweh has obtained, is so far ahead of ours that we have no way of ever overcoming or advancing beyond it. God/Allah/Yahweh could destroy any or all of us at will. A single UFO can destroy all of us, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We should praise God/Allah/Yahweh for his patience and mercy in dealing with us. God/Allah/Yahweh has a plan for us and he has disclosed that plan through his prophets, and angels. The signs for the EndTimes are now here. The Sun and Moon rising and setting in different locations is the last sign required. The last message to us from the ‘aliens’ was that the magnetic poles were going to shift. The climate change that we are now experiencing is the prelude to this event. God/Allah/Yahweh is going to save some of us soon, and this is known as the first harvest. After that, the remaining of us, will experience the prophesied plaques, and be given the chance to change, and become worthy of Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh has told us that he will reward his faithful children, with Immortality, free of disease and pain, free from EVIL, and given access to God/Allah/Yahweh’s vast knowledge and guidance. Those of you who believe you will enter Heaven in death, had better read and understand your Holy Texts. Those of you who believe that you shall be given riches and rewards such as gold, silver, slaves, and virgins, are completely out of touch with reality. We have all been tasked with developing ourselves and guiding our fellow humans to do the same. We are all tasked with seeking the truth and spreading the truth. The EVIL people on our world have been spreading Lies and Deceptions to make you do wrong according to the teachings of God/Allah/Yahweh and to mislead you into false beliefs. Ignorance is EVIL and believing others without verifying Truth makes you Ignorant. Learn to read and write, and read the holy Texts of all the religions created by God/Allah/Yahweh. You will learn the True Teachings and Messages of God/Allah/Yahweh and will be able to make him proud of you and yourself worthy of Heaven and the promised gifts. God/Allah/Yahweh Punish And Destroy The Evil That Misleads Us And Guide Us To Be Worthy Of Heaven.

Veteran Intelligence Officials Were Ignored.

Veteran Intelligence Officials Were Ignored. It appears Mueller is still using fake dossier as basis for investigation and has not questioned that the original Intelligence assessment is fake also.

Download (PDF, 93KB)


Here is the original assessment.


Download (PDF, 1.52MB)


Sorry, Russia-Gaters: WikiLeaks Got the DNC Emails From Insider, Not Russia

Still Waiting for Evidence of a Russian Hack

Trump: Declassify the Russia-Gate Hoax



The evidence now is beyond conjecture that the hack of the DNC server never occurred. The DNC server emails were leaked. The Intelligence Assessment is false as is the Russia Dossier. The Mueller Investigation, Deepstate, and Democrats are all in on the false narrative to Smear and Take Down President Trump. The Main Stream Media has put out false stories, and the Mueller Investigation has only exposed the bad characters of Mannaford and Cohen. The Attempted Coup to Overthrow President Trump is REAL and many people Should be in Jail but for the obstruction and coverup that is now occurring.





The American People deserve a Justice System that Works as our Founders Intended or the USA is Lost.

United States And North Korea Summit.

United States And North Korea Summit. US President Trump and NK Chairman Kim are holding their second summit in Vietnam. The Threats by both countries has eased and we may actually see an end to the Korean War. We wish both leaders success in the peace talks and hope for stability in the region. We have seen good faith gestures from both sides, and hope that progress in a positive direction continues.

We Fight For Freedom.

We Fight For Freedom. The United States of America was created to give all its citizens guaranteed rights and freedoms. We fight Evil in the world so it will not reach our shores or people. We have failed, and now we are fighting the forces of Evil inside our own borders. Our Government officials have been corrupted and have failed to uphold their oaths and our US Constitution. God/Allah/Yahweh gave US the ten commandments and we created a powerful nation, a constitutional republic, based upon the rights and freedoms we believe HE has granted to every living human. Evil wants to take the belief of God/Allah/Yahweh away from US. Evil wants US to believe we enter Heaven when we Die and that it is a dimension different than our own. Evil wants US to believe that God/Allah/Yahweh is different for the 3 main religions and that they are idolaters who do not worship the same God of Abraham.


The Evil Ones and their followers want US to believe that God is Not Allah, Allah is Not Yahweh, Yahweh is Not God. God/Allah/Yahweh IS the God of Abraham, and the same God worshiped by the 3 main religions. God/Allah/Yahweh IS the immortal living God and ruler of Heaven and Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh created Humanity and placed them on Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh has a plan that HE created long ago for his creation, and parts of that plan have been revealed in his prophecies. He has also sent his messengers, with information that He wants known to individuals, groups, and everyone.



These ships and their occupants are allowed and sent by God/Allah/Yahweh according to His plan. Over the Years the ships have taken the form of various next generation developments. Some old reports were of craft that resembled balloons, blimps, planes, helicopters, rockets, and now saucers and globes. The stimulus provided by God/Allah/Yahweh shows a pattern of developing US in a specific direction of development. Do you think the USA is the strongest nation on this world? Yes we are. God/Allah/Yahweh has blessed the USA because it was created to be the Beacon of Freedom for the World to follow. The US fights for the Freedoms and Rights that God/Allah/Yahweh has Blessed US with.


The United States of America has fought invasions and threats from many other nations. We fight the ideologies of Fascism, Communism, Socialism, and Radical Islam, because they are against our principles of Human Rights and Freedoms. God, Country, and Family, living in the Land of the Free. The following shows the corruption we are facing.



The United States of America and the Whole World, are under attack by the Forces of Evil and God/Allah/Yahweh has joined the Battle. The Army of the Righteous is now under direction of God/Allah/Yahweh and has His Blessings. God/Allah/Yahweh Save And Bless The United States Of America And Guide Your Army Of The Righteous.


Energy Generation.

Energy Generation.

Energy Generation without fuel is a proven technology that is Not being pursued inside the United States due to energy companies wanting to maintain monopoly. Every home, building, and vehicle, could be designed with generation equipment built in, and therefore self-sustaining. The end of reliance on fossil fuel can be maintained, and society would not cease to operate. Next generation technologies can then be developed that will advance Humanity even further.

The Evil Ones want to create a society that they can control. The implementation of this intermediary technology will provide society with the path to independence and also reduce pollution that many believe is causing climate change. The sad part, is that climate change is Not man made but a celestial event revolving around the sun changing its magnetic poles and the Earth following suit and changing its magnetic poles. The people of the Earth want freedom and pollution control, and this will help with both. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless The Righteous And Destroy The Evil Ones.

The Future Of The United States Of America.

The Future Of The United States Of America. President Trump gave his 2019 State of the Union Address and reaffirmed the Values and direction of the USA.

The economy is strong and firing on all cylinders. 5.300,000 new jobs have been created since President Trump was elected. 600,000 of those are manufacturing jobs. The GDP will be above 3.0. Unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years. More people are now working than ever in history 156,000,000.

The US Military has announced that readiness is almost at its objectives. We do not hear about jets and helicopters falling out of the sky regularly like before. We do not hear about ships colliding like before. The war in Syria against ISIS is almost over. The war in Afghanistan is in political negotiations to hopefully bring an end to it. The negotiations with North Korea are still ongoing and still no nuke or missile testing. The ongoing sanctions and negotiations with many nations has made military response by our troops a less frequent response.

The illegal immigration problem and immigration reform are being battled at this time in Congress because of President Trumps demands for it. The securing of the southern border is a must. The closing of loopholes that are being abused is a must. Once the system has been fixed then the levels of legal immigration and refugees can be increased to meet demand.

The healthcare issues are being battled in Congress and some progress has been made that benefits the American People. Further actions are still required.

Capitalism has been reaffirmed as the American Way. The concepts of fascism, communism, socialism, and Radical Islam, have been rejected by the American People and are Not the American Way for they take away from the Freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.


The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists have programmed our youth to think that Social Security, Medicare, MedicAid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Etc are socialism programs. They are Not. Social Security is a benefit that people pay into their entire lives, but there are sections that have been prone to fraud that must be addressed. Medicare is a benefit given to our elderly, and they pay for that out of their social security benefits. MedicAid is a system that is jointly State/Federal funded to benefit the poor and disabled, but there is fraud that must be addressed. Food Stamps is a program that was created to help families when hard times hit. It was never meant to be a permanent benefit and has massive fraud issues that are being addressed. Unemployment is based on payroll taxes and meant to help during transition between jobs. Programs such as public schools, are city/state paid for with the federal government overseeing minimums and providing various grant programs.

Socialism is when the government owns and controls the various systems. The concept of Medicare for All could only work if the federal government took control of all private hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and ambulatory care, etc. The concept of free education would require the federal government to take control of all schools, colleges, and vocational schools, Etc. Communism is similar to socialism, but adds a ruling class that receives the most gains, while the working class receives only minimum. Fascism is the military state that controls everything and destroys anything that it does not agree with. Fascism requires conquest of others to sustain itself, and has been the cause of the two world wars. Radical Islam is Fascism with a religious doctrine controlling the military state. Globalism is Communism on a global scale. A One World Order controlled by an Elite Class.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrat/Globalists have sought the destruction of the United States of America from within, because no other country on Earth can conquer the USA, due to our Constitution, our armed population, and our powerful US Military. President Trump is restoring the United States of America, and continues to implement policies that our founding fathers created to protect this great republic from those who would destroy it. The Swamp is deep and large, and must be drained due to corruption that has been allowed to enter the systems. The Oversight responsibilities have been ignored, and rules, regulations, and laws, have been created to benefit others instead of the American People. We also see many laws being broken by the corrupted agencies, and are awaiting the restoration of Rule of Law, and Equal Justice Under the Law. The Evil must be purged or we are going to lose our great republic to it.

Are You Worthy???

God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Living God, and Ruler of Heaven and Earth. The religions of the Earth have become corrupt and immoral in their teachings. They say God/Allah/Yahweh is a spirit, and that Heaven is a dimension that our Soul/spirit enters upon death. They say the Angels of Heaven are spirits also. They say that they have the power of absolution, and can grant you access to Heaven. They say that you will be granted the Gifts of God/Allah/Yahweh if you listen and follow their teachings. They are lying to you. God/Allah/Yahweh has taken those worthy Prophets and Children to Heaven in the Flesh. They did Not enter Heaven through Death. The Priests/Mullahs/Rabbis were tasked with teaching the world about God/Allah/Yahweh and the laws that you must follow to enter Heaven. They have become Evil instead of guiding their flocks from Evil. They promise gifts and status in a dimension entered upon death that does not exist. They have given themselves powers that they do Not have. They have taught the people wrong and they shall be punished for this. The Day of Judgement is coming soon and you must prepare yourselves. Learn to read and write. Read the Holy texts and learn right from wrong. Pray to God/Allah/Yahweh To Show You The Path Of Righteousness. Stay on the path your entire life, and know that you will be given life again and allowed to enter Heaven to receive the promised gifts. This is what they were instructed to tell you. May God/Allah/Yahweh Guide You To Righteousness And Truth.

Blessing From God/Allah/Yahweh.


Reports of UFO in the Past.

Reports of UFO in the Past. I thought it would interesting to show this PDF from a 1960’s report on UFOs. These craft are estimated to accelerate at over 100 g and have speeds of 19.000 mph and faster. They have no fins and in many cases have no plumes and are soundless. They are able to make maneuvers that defy aerodynamics of aircraft by reversing direction, making 90 degree turns, hovering in place, and traveling straight up at incredible speed. These are not the Nazi craft that were created during World War 2, and they display capabilities that are impossible even today. I want you to know that these reports are from a time before cellphones, computers, and smartphones. Do your research and realize that we are Not alone and have never been alone.


Download (PDF, 40KB)

Please click on the larger file for the full article and enjoy.


The Time has come for Humanity to Advance and to begin on the path to creating craft that can travel to other stars. The EndTimes are upon Us and its time to grow up. God/Allah/Yahweh allows these craft to visit Earth and makes sure they do not interfere with his plans. The crafts that comprise the Army of Heaven are much more powerful and lethal than any of these research and observation crafts that have been observed.



The Time has come to Advance and Judgement will occur soon so the EVIL of Humanity do not enter Heaven.