Reflect On God-Allah-Yahweh.

Reflect On God-Allah-Yahweh. God-Allah-Yahweh is preparing Humanity for Judgement Day. We have War, Famine, Disease, Crime, Death, Propaganda, Brain Washing, Slavery, Terrorists, Drug Dealers, Thieves, Demons, Devils, Saints, Angels, Aliens, UFOs, Lies, Deceptions, EVIL, GOOD, and it all follows the Plan of God-Allah-Yahweh.

God-Allah-Yahweh Knows Everything You Have Done, GOOD and EVIL, and it is all recorded in your records, along with your Soul. You do NOT enter Heaven in Death, and you do NOT enter Heaven without the approval and judgement of God-Allah-Yahweh. We are the Children and Creation of God-Allah-Yahweh. We live by the will of God-Allah-Yahweh and everything is according to his Will.

Many of you have been given free will and at Judgement Day your Soul shall be weighed according to your EVIL and GOOD deeds. Reflect on God-Allah-Yahweh and ask yourselves if you are Worthy to enter Heaven and live forever in the Presence of God-Allah-Yahweh.

God-Allah-Yahweh, We Your Children Pray For Your Blessings And Guidance In The Ways Of The Righteous, And That You Shall Lead US Away From EVIL And Temptation. God-Allah-Yahweh Take Down The EVIL Who Would Lead US Astray With Curses And Confusion, So We May Learn The Righteous Path.

Faster Than Light Is Possible.

Faster Than Light Is Possible. Do you know why they say you can not reach the speed of light? Relativity is restricted to the speed of light because we can not observe anything faster than light. According to Relativity Distance and Time Change. A ship can travel 2 light years in 6 months without ever reaching the speed of light. The ship can then return to Earth 6 months later. The crew aged 1 year, how much did the people on earth age? Did you know that the crew can look into a telescope and see themselves arrive at their destination, because they traveled faster than light because time and distance changed for them? Some People used to think that those on earth would age 4 years. If that were the case then the crew would not be able to see themselves arrive. Do you understand?

The relativity equations say distance becomes shorter for those traveling in the ship. Velocity equals Distance divided by Time V=D/T. The relativity equations also say time becomes shorter for those traveling in the ship. If the distance is 2 light years and it was traveled in 6 months then the ship traveled at 4 times the speed of light. The ship is already back on Earth when the observer on Earth sees it arriving at its destination because it took 2 years for the light reflected off the ship to reach the observer. Faster than Light is possible according to the relativity equations due to this.

Did you know that people used to observe UFO’s disappear? They used to believe that the extraterrestrials were dimensional or time travelers due this. They never thought that the UFO simply and instantly went to faster than light speed. Did you know that UFO’s do not use propulsion? Did you know that gravity behaves like magnetism?

May God Guide Us To Him And Heaven

They used to say the SUN did not have a magnetic field, but it does. They used to say that black holes were rare, but now they are found at the center of every galaxy. Everything seems to have a spiral or disk shape and everything seems to interact depending on spin. This would seem to indicate that our understanding of gravity is still not complete. Stars/suns, planets, moons, and smaller seem to have round shapes that exhibit gravity according to our equations. Why? Why do planets have rings instead of debris clouds?

Why are most of our satellites in a ring? Strange huh? The time has come to start real science and advance beyond what we have now.

God-Allah-Yahweh Advance The Righteous, Bless And Protect Them. God-Allah-Yahweh Curse And Confuse The EVIL Unrighteous On Earth So They May Change And Save Themselves.

God-Allah-Yahweh Show US The Righteous Path.

God-Allah-Yahweh Show US The Righteous Path. You are the Almighty Ruler of Heaven and Earth, and you are the only Immortal God that we are to Pray to. You made various Covenants with various Peoples. You gave the World your Ten Commandments, that are to apply everyone on this Earth. You gave US many Prophets to Teach US the Prophecies and Signs, so that we may know that You are Real and that All is Fulfilled according to your Will/Plan.

God-Allah-Yahweh, We Thank You For All That We Are, And All That You Have Promised We Shall Become. God-Allah-Yahweh Thank You.

I Pray That God-Allah-Yahweh That Shall Bless And Protect His Righteous Children, And Shall Curse And Confuse His EVIL Children, So He May Harvest And Reward As Many Of His Children As Possible.

A Time Of Great Trouble.

A Time Of Great Trouble. The Battle of GOOD vs EVIL is being fought all over the world. God-Allah-Yahweh gave US his Commandments and Prophecies through many religions, and spread them to the whole world.

The United States of America is the most advanced nation in the world and it is having some major issues today with EVIL trying to destroy it.

Have you seen the trouble worldwide? Iran attacked Saudi Arabia to disrupt the global economy.

God-Allah-Yahweh is about to Judge all of US. This world is about to become part of the Kingdom of Heaven. EVIL will soon be cleansed from this world because God-Allah-Yahweh has said so.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse Those Who Are EVIL.

Should We Destroy You?

Should We Destroy You? God-Allah-Yahweh could order the destruction of Humanity and there is Nothing you could do to Stop the Army of Heaven. You are incapable of stopping the smallest and least threatening craft that Heaven possesses.

You have been told by God-Allah-Yahweh what is to happen in the future and the signs to look for. Many of you will say that you do not believe in the Kingdom of Heaven being in this dimension because your religious leaders have brainwashed you into false beliefs instead of teaching you the Truth as they were supposed to.

Do you know that there are many ways to destroy you? We could teach you technologies that you would lead you to your own self-destruction. You were given Laws and Commandments that were meant to allow you to be civilized and give you a chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and become Citizens of Heaven. How many of you are Worthy?

You complain about your dependence on fossil fuel and you think your activities using it are destroying your world but you fail to come out and evolve to the next step in technology. You think your solar and wind technologies are necessary to save yourselves instead of using simple and more efficient alternatives. Did you know that a motor can turn a generator and generate more usable power than it uses?

Did you know that you can create magnetic piston that is even more efficient? Did you know that your global warming is a celestial event and that the magnetic field of this world is in the process of flipping?

You want a solution that is safer and can help you combat the effects of these and future events? Check this out.

Here is your next step technology.

We could teach you weapons and energy manipulation that you would abuse and destroy yourselves with. Just look at what happened with nuclear energy and atomic bombs. How many of you would Not use knowledge to dominate other nations and peoples? The United States of America has been the only nation that has somewhat followed civilized behavior, and has NOT tried to conquer the world for its own benefit. God-Allah-Yahweh has blessed America and is protecting her. The world was almost lost because the USA was almost destroyed using covert means and corruption.

The Kingdom of Heaven can destroy any individual, group, nation, or the entire world anytime it wants. Earth is primitive and very fragile. Live according to the way God-Allah-Yahweh has commanded or face his and Heaven’s wrath. The Only choice you have is how you yourself behave, and that will determine if you will be judged GOOD or EVIL. God-Allah-Yahweh Guide Your Righteous.

EVIL Globalists.

EVIL Globalists. They want all governments under their common rule. They are pushing Terrorism, Open Borders, Drugs, Radical Islam, Radical Liberalism, Violent Political Gangs, Arming and Aiding Criminals, Disarming Law-Abiding Citizens, Using Migrants to Collapse Economic Systems, Using Schools to Indoctrinate Innocent children, and Using Propaganda to Perpetuate Lies and Deceptions to Stagnate Human Development. Are you able to see the TRUTH or are you one of the Programmed Populace?

The EVIL Globalists want the General Population to be Mindless Ignorant Programmed Followers who will never be able to Advance in Intelligence or Righteousness. They want you to remain like Primitive Animals easily appeased by simple desires and social interactions that can be Twisted into EVIL behavior without you even realizing that they are destroying you and making Heaven closed to you. God-Allah-Yahweh will NOT allow EVIL to enter Heaven. You will be Judged and those found Unworthy will be Punished and then Destroyed.

Many of you think that global warming that is manmade and it is not. The human population on Earth has increased from 2 billion to 6 billion in 50 years. The population is putting stresses on the world such as food, water, air, pollution, human waste, living space, power generation, material and Toy production, etc. The surface of the Earth has shifted and now the sun and moon rise and set in locations never seen before. Solar activity is about the same, but the magnetic field of the Earth is in fluctuation and it appears that the magnetic poles are beginning to shift. The magnetic field of Earth helps dissipate the solar radiation that reaches our surface. The increase of solar radiation reaching the Earth raises the global temperature and increases water evaporation which increases cloud formation and the strength of storms as well reduces some of the solar radiation. This a normal celestial event that we know occurs due to analysis of magnetic rock formations.

Here are some GIFs that show what they do not want you to realize.

You think they care about you and that this kind of behavior will bring you greater joy? If so, you are probably EVIL.

God-Allah-Yahweh taught us many things about good and evil and these things you should know and remember.

God-Allah-Yahweh Guide You Away From EVIL And Towards Righteousness.

Your World Shall Change.

Your World Shall Change. I prepare the way, that God-Allah-Yahweh made for US. The Legends/Prophecies are real and true. The Righteous and Faithful shall see God-Allah-Yahweh in all his Power and Glory, and shall become his Children in Heaven.

You are being given the chance to change your ways and follow the Path of the Righteous and Faithful. When God-Allah-Yahweh arrives, you will have far less time to change and make yourselves worthy.

God-Allah-Yahweh Curse And Confuse The EVIL On Earth So The Greatest Number Of Righteous May Be Harvested.

All Your Technology Is Nothing.

All Your Technology Is Nothing. You think you are an advanced race, but you are only children. Your most advanced technologies are still primitive.

Many of you have only moderate technologies that allow you to maintain a semblance of peace. The United States of America is your most advanced nation and it is still primitive. The smallest UFO is capable of disabling and bypassing your ‘advanced’ systems.

For your entire history you have not sent an Earthling beyond your moon. God-Allah-Yahweh is so superior to you intellectually and technologically that you should be thankful for all that he has provided you and for his great patience and wisdom. God-Allah-Yahweh can destroy you, your world, and even your solar system. He gave you prophets, prophecies, and teachings, and that was thousands of years ago and recently.

God-Allah-Yahweh told you that he would judge you in the future. Judgement day draws near.

For all your stupid climate change embracers here is your intermediate technology that some in your world already know.

Also you need to know that your climate change is NOT manmade. It is a natural solar cycle that is causing the magnetic poles to shift.

Here is your next step in your technological development. I will not instruct you in the destructive uses but encourage you to solve your problems and progress to Heaven.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless Your Righteous With Patience and Understanding. God-Allah-Yahweh Curse And Confuse The EVIL Ones And Their Followers So You Can Have The Greatest Harvest Of The Righteous.

Evil Is Becoming Desperate.

Evil Is Becoming Desperate. Talk of Treason, Impeachment, Election Interference, Pay for Play, Corruption, Collusion, Abuse of Power, and anything else they can think of, are now being thrown at the Trump Administration, but what about the Obama Administration?

These are some of our first articles, and we have seen very little investigation into the actions of the EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists/Democrats/Liberals who tried to destroy our Great Republic, and continue to plot its destruction. Inside our US Future News website we have provided much information because we want the American People and the World to be able to see the Past, Present, and a brighter Future. Remember these?

EVIL is trying to Destroy the USA and President Trump, but God-Allah-Yahweh is Protecting Both. The Battle of Good vs Evil is now upon US. We also have technologies for a better future.

We also promote education of religion, history, and extraterrestrial subjects.

God-Allah-Yahweh Is The Immortal God Who Rules Heaven And Earth. May God-Allah-Yahweh Save As Many Of His Children As Possible.

Iran Is Fulfilling The Prophecies.

Iran Is Fulfilling The Prophecies. The religious texts all have the King of the South/Persia as causing trouble in the region. All experts say that Iran is the old Persia. The King of the North is thought to be the United States of America, but it may be Russia.

Iran is trying to take over the world and it is using Terrorism and Radical Islam as its main weapons. They chant Death to America and Death to Israel, continuously. The United States and Israel could easily Destroy Iran if they wanted to.

The EndTimes are here and God-Allah-Yahweh is fulfilling his prophecies. Iran is NOT blessed by God-Allah-Yahweh, and it is acting stupidly, as God-Allah-Yahweh predicted thousands of years ago. Humanity is about to see how powerful God-Allah-Yahweh really is, and many shall learn how wrong their religious leaders have been. Learn to see Truth, Advance, and become Worthy to Enter Heaven, or face the Wrath of God-Allah-Yahweh and his Heavenly Army.

Iran, Radical Islamist Terrorists, Sharia Law, and the spreading of EVIL are happening at this time. The recent attacks are unacceptable and the United States of America is being urged to take action against Iran.

You think God-Allah-Yahweh is a Spirit, and that Heaven is just a dimension that grants EVIL Terrorists rewards of Slaves and Virgins? Think again, for God-Allah-Yahweh does NOT allow EVIL to Enter Heaven.

Michael is on Earth now and another prophecy fulfilled.

The Keys to Heaven are now in your hands. Use it wisely.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect Your Righteous Ones And Curse The Evil Ones. God-Allah-Yahweh We Await Your Judgement Day, And Look Forward To Earth Becoming Part Of Your Kingdom Of Heaven.