United States of America.

United States of America. The USA has seen many attacks lately, and the free world is also under attack. The enemies are many and the traditional methods of war are no longer favored. Terrorists use infiltration, and set up cells inside the nation, they poison the minds of the young with radical thinking and terrorist training, they are creating an army of radicalized domestic terrorists to destroy the nation from the inside with its own youth.

You think the COVID-19 CoronaVirus was just an accident? Have you analyzed the data? Do you realize that this virus is targeted against the older generation? The generation that remembers fighting EVIL. Do you realize that the spread is not like the common flu? Do you realize that the common flu has higher numbers of cases and deaths?

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You think the protests and riots are not directed and organized? Think again. The pattern is the same everywhere. The only way for that is organization. EVIL creates chaos and discord, using your primitive emotions and desires against you. Many of you are EVIL, but you probably think you are fighting against EVIL. The United States of America has lost its way. The Law is Not being followed or obeyed. The Law is not being enforced. The Judges have forgotten that they are to administer Justice according to the Law. The Freedoms guaranteed to all Americans are Not being applied to all Americans. The Rights of all US Citizens, are being usurped and given to foreigners both legal and illegal. History, both World and United States, are no longer being taught properly to the American People. Basic reading, writing, math, and science, are no longer being taught properly to the American People.

Many of you have never known US History, and the older generation has failed to teach the younger generation about it. The United States of America is NOT EVIL, but for the first time in history, it has been Infiltrated by EVIL. Today the USA is being attacked by its own youth, because they have been Corrupted by the EVIL that has Infiltrated and Infected it. God, Country, and Family, used to mean something, but now it is forgotten by our youth, and they want to embrace the ideology of the USA enemies.

Here is a challenge to the USA Youth. Instead of trying to destroy the USA, go to a country that has the type of government that you say you want, and see if it is what you think it is. You will find out just how blessed you are to live in a country that guarantees your rights and freedoms, and will fight to defend them.

The United States of America has always had an educated people that keep the nation ahead of our enemies technologically, so we can defend it. Here is the next steps technologies required to ensure this. They were disclosed to the United States in 1993, so we hope they have been pursued and developed in black projects. If they were not, then we advise they do so immediately, to ensure technological superiority, and the balance of power.

The United States of America must purge the EVIL from within it, and restore the systems of Law and Order, and Equal Justice For All. We would also remind you to keep your history, because without it, you will repeat the same mistakes again and lose the progress that took hundreds of years to obtain.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.