US Supreme Court Gave US President Law Making Power.

US Supreme Court Gave US President Law Making Power.

The ruling of the US Supreme Court on DACA should not be celebrated as a victory. The separation of powers has now been destroyed and US Congress should worry. The US President has now been given authority to effectively create law with executive order. Former President Obama created DACA using executive order, and US President Trump rescinded the executive order because it was illegal and a violation of separations of powers. The US Supreme Court just told US President Trump that he can not rescind the executive order that created DACA. The precedent that the US Supreme Court has just created would allow US President Trump to create laws and entities without an act of US Congress.

Here is the law.

Have you read the Constitution of the United States of America? Here is a link to it:

Have you read the Bill of Rights? Here is a link to it:

Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a United States citizen? Here is a link to it:

The US Supreme Court has just destroyed the accepted set up of the separations of powers, and given the US President the power to create law using executive order, while taking away a US President’s ability to rescind the executive orders of previous presidents. The US Supreme Court should worry about their vote, because they have now made it possible for the US President to subvert the US Congress using executive order as law and also allowed a sitting US President to create policy that his successor can not rescind, effectively making it law. This is not a decision to be celebrated, but a decision to be feared. The US Supreme Court has taken the power to rescind previous executive orders to itself, given the US President the ability to create law, legal or illegal, without the US Congress, and made the US Congress now powerless against a power grab from the executive branch.

US President Trump now has the ability to create immigration policy and effectively law, that he deems appropriate. He can also do this in any other area he deems appropriate, and due to this precedent it will standing law for many years to come.

Former President Obama overstepped and overreached his executive authority, and also created policy and law that violates the US Constitution, yet today the US Supreme Court has set precedent for just this type of abuse of power by any US President. Imagine what an EVIL Un-American Radical Globalist-Democrat-Liberal US President could now do to our country. This is scary and should be corrected by the US Congress immediately or we could see the complete destruction of everything we hold dear, in the near future.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

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