Can You Justify?

Can You Justify? The world has 3,090,445 cases and 217,769 deaths. The United States of America has 1,031,659 cases and 60,057 deaths. The more we look at these numbers, the more it makes no sense. The United States of America has over 33% of the cases and 25% of all deaths. The USA has only 330,000,000 people and the World has 7,800,000,000 people. What is the mortality rate? What is the infection rate? Where is the Great Plague to justify the shutdowns? Why does the USA have the highest numbers compared to the rest of the world? With all the lockdowns we have in the USA, and with the most advanced healthcare system in the world, why are we higher than the rest of the world? The USA health experts have some explaining to do, since the data shows that their policies are actually creating these higher numbers.




Is the United States of America under a biological attack? Is the rest of the World lying about their numbers? Is the problem our shutdowns and lockdowns inside the USA? Has the southern hemisphere seen a huge jump in cases since they are now entering their flu season? We should be seeing a steep decline in the USA as the sunlight shines more every day. The need for the shutdowns and lockdowns was supposed to be limit deaths and stresses on the healthcare system, but deaths are higher in USA and hospitals are closing due to no patients. Please explain this to the World and the American People? It is claimed that this a global pandemic, but the numbers just are not there. The common flu infects 1,000,000,000 people each year and kills 3,000,000 – 4,000,000 people each year around the World. The USA usually has 34,000,000 infections and 20,000 – 100,000 deaths every year from the common flu. The USA usually accounts for 3.4% of common flu infections globally each year, yet accounts for 33% of CoronaVirus COVID-19 infections. Please explain these numbers.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.