Makes No Sense.

Makes No Sense. Do you know that this global shutdown makes no sense? The CoronaVirus COVID-19 data does not justify the shutdowns in the USA or Globally.

Here is the earlier data.

Here is the USA data.

common flu 4-18-20
common flu 4-11-20
common flu 12-14-19

According to today’s number the mortality in the USA is .056 and the world is .068. The global numbers from the WHO do not match the CDC. Check these out.


The world handles 1 billion infected and 3-4 million dead from common flu every year without shutdowns, so where are the numbers to justify these actions? The USA usually has 34 million infected and 20,000-100,000 dead from common flu every year without shutdowns. According to antibody tests in CA, and N.Y., up to 20% of the populations may have already been infected. Therefore containment has failed, and contact tracing has failed, therefore its spread in the general population can not be stopped. The average deaths worldwide from common flu on low year of 3 million would average out to 57,692 deaths per week. The average for this past week seems to be around 30,000. The world has been shutdown to save 30,000 common flu deaths per week? The deaths that we should be seeing in undeveloped countries should be through the roof compared to the USA, but they are NOT. Either this CoronaVirus COVID-19 is much less a threat than previously stated, or the world is lying about their numbers. The United States of America is showing the highest infection numbers and deaths, yet we are the most advanced nation on earth. Does this make any sense to anyone?

The northern hemisphere is entering spring and sunlight will drastically reduce the virus just like the common flu. The treatment of Chloroquine-Azithromycin-Zinc is a viable treatment for the virus. The hospitals are not being overwhelmed and there is no shortage of ventilators, so why are we shutdown?