Beware The CoronaVirus Scams And Disinformation.

Beware The CoronaVirus Scams And Disinformation. First, do NOT self-medicate. Many of the stated drugs that are working against the COVID 19 CoronaVirus, may have risks of interactions with other medications and conditions. The stated drugs are required to be prescribed by healthcare providers and professionals so you will NOT be taking unnecessary risks.

Second, there is disinformation online that will make you believe that you can purchase various medications and treatments that can cure or prevent this COVID 19 CoronaVirus. The reasons for going to Healthcare Providers and Professionals is also to assure that you are obtaining real products and treatments from certified companies and pharmacies. There are many scams that are offering medications and cures, that will harm or even kill you. Recently a man and his wife took what they believed was prescription chloroquine but turned out to be tank cleaner. Online it is listed as the same. Obviously it is not. A website was also shut down that was advertising a vaccine for COVID 19, that does not exist. Beware of disinformation and scams. Seek testing and prescriptions from Healthcare Providers and Professionals as well as treatments. You also can go to Healthcare Providers and Professionals, and seek Chloroquine and Azithromycin, by invoking Right to Try, if you or a loved one has COVID 19 and breathing difficulties. The following article shows the whole timeframe and news regarding COVID 19 CoronaVirus.

The Clinical trial for Chloroquine, Chloroquine and Azithromycin, and other mixtures, are beginning in the largest hotspot, New York. We will soon have the data to verify these treatments, and allow FDA Labeling for COVID 19 CoronaVirus. This will free up ICU beds and ventilators. This will also give our Healthcare Providers and Professionals treatments that will free up Healthcare resources. Time will soon tell, and then the economy can be reopened, section by section as the data shows.

Follow the Healthcare tips, and quarantine if necessary, and seek testing, diagnosis, and treatment, from Healthcare Providers and Professionals. Beware Scams and Disinformation.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.