COVID 19. The World In Fear.

COVID 19. The World In Fear. Why are we seeing such a response to a COVID 19? The Standard Flu has claimed far more people so far.


The response to COVID 19 is far more serious than the Virus warrants. WHY? It seems people are treating this COVID 19, like some kind of Plague sent by God-Allah-Yahweh. Long ago, God-Allah-Yahweh sent a plague to destroy Egypt’s firstborn so Pharaoh would release the Hebrews from Bondage and Slavery. This Virus does not seem to affect the young, but is targeting those who are old and have serious medical conditions. Is this Virus being associated with the prophesied “Wormwood”? Is this Virus being associated with the two prophets? Have the two prophets begun to prophecy? They are given the powers to send plaques. We see swarms of locusts, and their are rumors that rivers that are turning red like blood. Is this a plague sent by one of them? The response of the world would seem to say that this may be the case. The Events in the Middle East are following the prophecies of God-Allah-Yahweh as well as the rest of the world. Is the COVID 19 Virus targeting the EVIL and/or their followers? I do NOT see it. The number of cases, and the deaths of some are less than the common Flu Virus, yet it is the COVID 19 Virus that is most feared and causing global worldwide panic. WHY? We are either being lied to, and the statistics are being made up, or we are being worked up into a frenzy of fear by those seeking to gain from the fear. Take the proper precautions, and put your faith in God-Allah-Yahweh to get you through this period of Fear and keep the Virus from killing you and your loved ones.

Please note, those of us beyond middle age, have seen many epidemics, and most of those have been blown up into panic, that was NOT necessary. The people living in horrid conditions, such as the homeless and drug addicts of California and other areas, are already suffering from poor health environments and are the biggest threat to the spread of any disease and/or virus. The drunks, drug addicts, homeless, and prostitutes, are the most likely to ignore symptoms and allow the Virus to progress in themselves and not care about giving it to others. They are also people used to feeling ill from symptoms of similar ailments. Those that vape could be at risk due to lung damage from vaping being compounded with pneumonia from the virus. Those that smoke cigarettes or marijuana and share them with others are at a higher chance of catching and spreading the virus. It is inevitable, that once the Covid 19 Virus reaches these populations, containment will no longer be possible. After that we will begin to find dead bodies among these populations, more than usual. Once we get into spring and summer, the sunlight will kill off most of the Virus in the Northern Hemisphere but will move to the Southern Hemisphere for it will enter fall and winter. This is common and the reason why we have flu season. The Black Plague was the worst and was increased by an asteroid that caused dust and less sunlight to reach the surface. We do not have this issue at this time, therefore the worst case will not occur.

These are just the facts. Here in the United States of America, all steps are being taken to contain and isolate the infected, but we are already seeing those that were allowed to quarantine at home, breaking those rules and now making containment less likely. We have the seasons in our favor and the spread should be minimal here. The rest of the world needs to take precautions, but we are seeing that many have already lost containment, and the spread is occurring. The healthcare inside the United States is the best in the world and can easily handle an outbreak as it has in the past.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.