US Basic Laws And Rights Were Denied.

US Basic Laws And Rights Were Denied. Do you know your most basic rights? Here they are.

The Articles of Impeachment against the US President may be considered as Indictments, except that they do not allege a law or statute that has been broken. The Abuse of Power Article says the US President used his Office to withhold funding until the Ukrainian Government announced investigations into his political rival Joe Biden. The allegation was first presented in a whistleblower complaint. Here is that complaint.


The Whistleblower complaint itself states that the US President sought investigations into 2016 Election Interference. Joe Biden-Hunter Biden was an investigation that was shutdown due to Joe Biden pressuring Ukraine to fire prosecutor and stop the investigation. Where is it wrong for the US President to request the investigation be reopened, especially after Joe Biden bragged about what he did publicly at the Council For Foreign Relations? The whistleblower states at least half a dozen officials informed him. Who are they? The US President has never been able to face this accuser, or have the right to cross examine.

Here is the transcript of the calls with the Ukrainian President.



The US House of Representatives has brought forth Articles of Impeachment that do not meet the requirements of the US Constitution.

The US House of Representatives have violated the US Constitutional Rights of the US President and members of his administration. The previous Obama Administration with the help of DOJ, CIA, NSA, Dept of State, DOD, and even foreign allies, have attempted a soft coup against the current US President and his administration. Hopefully the United States of America will see Justice and the Rule of Law restored as well as Government Corruption removed.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.