USA-North Korea, Status?

USA-North Korea, Status? What is going on with the United States and North Korea? We do not hear anything about the relationship lately. North Korea has been launching missiles lately, without making threats to other nations including the United States.

North Korea has NOT exploded any nuclear weapons, and the United States has NOT sent any additional Assault Fleets like earlier. When will the Korean War be ended? When will official diplomatic channels be opened? This seems to be the first step, but it has NOT happened. Why?

The negotiations can work on these first and inside the Treaty it can be stipulated with a timeframe for denuclearization, or it can contain a Nuclear Arms Control framework.

Many nations today have nuclear weapons and we only deny those weapons to nations with proven aggression. North Korea has proven itself to be responsible these past 2 years, and they have NOT been aggressive or threatening to their neighbors. They have NOT sought to use their nuclear weapons or to expand their territory. They do NOT use proxies or terrorism. They are arms dealers and smugglers, which should be addressed in any treaty also. The only thing that North Korea has excelled at is, weapons and military development. An economic development plan should be included, and sanctions relief should be done in steps, and included in the treaty, with stipulations of goals and the rewards or penalties associated with each step/goal.

The Time has come for Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump to give their diplomats guidelines and directions so progress can be made.

God-Allah-Yahweh Guide Chairman Kim And President Trump With Wisdom That Will Bring Peace And Lasting Friendship.