Hypocrisy. Accusing others of doing things, while you do the same things. We see a lot of hypocrisy these days. In the area of politics we see the most hypocrisy and it is quite ridiculous. The false accusations are being used to cover up previous crimes of the government. The panic is growing and with it also, the hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy is most obvious when the shoe is on the other foot. Three years of investigations into President Trump and his Administration have failed to prove any of the charges against them, but it has shown the extreme and illegal lengths many used to attempt a coup. Now that the Trump Administration is investigating the crimes committed against it, many people want to ignore, cover up, and claim foul play. Everyone claimed the investigations against the Trump Administration deserved to be unobstructed and unimpeded, yet now they claim the investigations are illegal and unfounded when against them. HYPOCRISY at its worst. As they said ‘What do you have to hide?’ Let the results of the investigations, prove or disprove, the stated allegations/crimes.