Terrorists Still Exist. 9-11-01 Remember.

Terrorists Still Exist. 9-11-01 Remember. We are still in the war against terrorism. Terrorists and Radical Islam still want to destroy anyone they can not control, and still seek world domination. They brainwash and train children, and then send them into other countries to undermine their society and takeover from inside. They use vehicles, knives, acid, and bombs, to terrorize populations and spread their beliefs through intimidation. Remember 9-11-01, and that we are still at war.

We must protect our nation and citizens from these terrorists and threats. Remember 9-11-01, and thank God-Allah-Yahweh for US Military and First Responders that keep US safe.

God-Allah-Yahweh Keep The United States Of America Safe And Protect The Righteous Who Keep Your Commandments.