Religious War.

Religious War. We are now in the EndTimes which were predicted by the Prophets through the Prophecies. God-Allah-Yahweh is coming to Judge Humanity and the signs are all happening as predicted. The Sun and Moon are now rising and setting in locations that your grandparents have never seen before. Many times people have falsely claimed that the EndTimes were upon us, but the sun and moon always rose and set at their expected locations, until recently. It is funny how sundials are being removed or adjusted. The internet is censuring the knowledge because they do not want people knowing the truth. The internet is also censuring conservative thought because they want people to be EVIL and Ignorant. They want you to believe what they tell you, not the real Truth. Many people should visit their local libraries and research the older books so they can see the internet is NOT allowing them to see the Real Picture and Truth. Math and Science are important to advance your Knowledge and Understanding. History teaches us where we came from and how far we have advanced so far. Fiction and Science Fiction show us how we think of our times and where we hope to progress to in the future. Myths, Legends, and Religious Texts, allow us to explore and develop sociology, theology, philosophy, and even our imaginations to explain that which we do not understand. Do NOT allow any one source of knowledge to control your thinking. Do Your Research and obtain your conclusions from analyzing multiple sources and proving your conclusions with Logic and the Scientific Method. It takes many years to develop your Mind and if done properly, you will experience periods when you think you are going insane, because you will discover that things are NOT the way you were taught or led to believe. Advance yourselves and you will find that the Big Picture will start to make sense.

The Battle is Real and it is Your Future that is at stake. May God-Allah-Yahweh Create And Guide His Army Of The Righteous.