Dark Ages Are Here.

Dark Ages Are Here. Ignorance is True Evil and it is your duty to Educate Yourself and Advance in Truth. God/Allah/Yahweh gave you a brain, his Laws, and a body capable of performing many tasks.

The Commandments given by God/Allah/Yahweh.

The Devil/Satan does NOT want you to overcome Ignorance and Advance. He uses Lies and Deceptions to make you fail and embrace your Primitive Wants and Desires instead of Advancing in Intelligence and Civility.

Devil/Satan wants you to seek your animal urges instead of educating yourself and seeking Heaven.

Heaven is a kingdom of many wonders, and far more advanced than you can imagine. Death and Disease have been overcome. Technology has advanced to the level of magic/science fiction. Faster Than Light star travel, matter transfer, energy manipulation, and much more have been achieved.

God/Allah/Yahweh created you and this world, and created a plan for your development. He has explained his plan through teachings and prophecies. He has explained to us, what we need to do, to enter his kingdom of Heaven. He has explained to us the behavior that will deny us entry.

You see many people speaking of using renewable energy to save this world. You can NOT save this world, for God/Allah/Yahweh told you thousands of years ago that these events were coming, and gave you the signs to identify this period known as the EndTimes.

Did you know that fuel-less electrical power generation already exists?

Here is your next step technology that can be developed to advance to star travel as well as solve your problems here on Earth. Use it wisely.

God/Allah/Yahweh Lead You In Righteousness And Truth So You May Enter Heaven And Receive His Gifts. God/Allah/Yahweh Destroy Those Who Are Evil And Those Who Follow Them.