Mueller’s Strange Statement.

Mueller’s Strange Statement. Robert Mueller has basically said his office is now closed and he will NOT testify beyond what has been made public in his report. He DID say that all Americans are presumed innocent unless convicted by a court. President Trump is therefore Innocent for no charges have been put forward.

The report says there is insufficient evidence of collusion with Russia by the Trump Campaign. Therefore all campaign personnel are innocent of collusion. Evidence was NOT destroyed. Executive Privilege was NOT invoked. Evidence and witnesses were NOT tampered with. The questioning of the appointment and legality of the Special Counsel as well as the raising of potential and actual conflicts of interest is NOT obstruction. Obstruction of Justice and/or Cover Up did NOT occur. Innocent of all charges unless convicted by court.

Congress speaks of impeaching President Trump, with no evidence sufficient in a court of law. We wish to remind the House of Representatives, that after they impeach, they must present evidence in the Trial held in the Senate to back up and prove their charges. With no substantial evidence of wrong doing by the President, they will lose in the Senate court and the American People will see the false attacks against the President.

At this point it appears that this statement was made as a swipe at the President with no credible evidence of wrongdoing. Therefore nothing further is to be learned and Mueller’s testimony is his report.

The statement made does NOT address why Mueller did NOT seize the DNC Server to ensure Russia Hacked it. It does NOT address why the Obama Administration used spies, or why Mueller was also using the NSA database per the final renewal of the Carter Page FISA warrant. It does NOT address the Ukrainian interference or the rigging of the election by the Obama/Clinton/DNC people. It does NOT address that they had credible information to obtain a FISA warrant and why no person has been charged with colluding with Russia. The Attorney General is looking into all of this because the actions taken against the Trump Campaign, Transition, and Presidency, are actions taken against known enemies of the United States, yet the actions taken against the Clinton Campaign are the exact opposite, but the evidence, obstruction, immunity deals, destruction of evidence, and witness tampering, all occurred.

We advise people to retain and disseminate the evidence so it can NOT be destroyed. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless The US And Protect Her.

We want you all to remember these only good Pro Trump pictures. We also want you to have these songs to inspire and also remind you of how bad it was before President Trump. Enjoy.