Veteran Intelligence Officials Were Ignored.

Veteran Intelligence Officials Were Ignored. It appears Mueller is still using fake dossier as basis for investigation and has not questioned that the original Intelligence assessment is fake also.

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Here is the original assessment.


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Sorry, Russia-Gaters: WikiLeaks Got the DNC Emails From Insider, Not Russia

Still Waiting for Evidence of a Russian Hack

Trump: Declassify the Russia-Gate Hoax



The evidence now is beyond conjecture that the hack of the DNC server never occurred. The DNC server emails were leaked. The Intelligence Assessment is false as is the Russia Dossier. The Mueller Investigation, Deepstate, and Democrats are all in on the false narrative to Smear and Take Down President Trump. The Main Stream Media has put out false stories, and the Mueller Investigation has only exposed the bad characters of Mannaford and Cohen. The Attempted Coup to Overthrow President Trump is REAL and many people Should be in Jail but for the obstruction and coverup that is now occurring.





The American People deserve a Justice System that Works as our Founders Intended or the USA is Lost.

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