We Fight For Freedom.

We Fight For Freedom. The United States of America was created to give all its citizens guaranteed rights and freedoms. We fight Evil in the world so it will not reach our shores or people. We have failed, and now we are fighting the forces of Evil inside our own borders. Our Government officials have been corrupted and have failed to uphold their oaths and our US Constitution. God/Allah/Yahweh gave US the ten commandments and we created a powerful nation, a constitutional republic, based upon the rights and freedoms we believe HE has granted to every living human. Evil wants to take the belief of God/Allah/Yahweh away from US. Evil wants US to believe we enter Heaven when we Die and that it is a dimension different than our own. Evil wants US to believe that God/Allah/Yahweh is different for the 3 main religions and that they are idolaters who do not worship the same God of Abraham.


The Evil Ones and their followers want US to believe that God is Not Allah, Allah is Not Yahweh, Yahweh is Not God. God/Allah/Yahweh IS the God of Abraham, and the same God worshiped by the 3 main religions. God/Allah/Yahweh IS the immortal living God and ruler of Heaven and Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh created Humanity and placed them on Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh has a plan that HE created long ago for his creation, and parts of that plan have been revealed in his prophecies. He has also sent his messengers, with information that He wants known to individuals, groups, and everyone.



These ships and their occupants are allowed and sent by God/Allah/Yahweh according to His plan. Over the Years the ships have taken the form of various next generation developments. Some old reports were of craft that resembled balloons, blimps, planes, helicopters, rockets, and now saucers and globes. The stimulus provided by God/Allah/Yahweh shows a pattern of developing US in a specific direction of development. Do you think the USA is the strongest nation on this world? Yes we are. God/Allah/Yahweh has blessed the USA because it was created to be the Beacon of Freedom for the World to follow. The US fights for the Freedoms and Rights that God/Allah/Yahweh has Blessed US with.


The United States of America has fought invasions and threats from many other nations. We fight the ideologies of Fascism, Communism, Socialism, and Radical Islam, because they are against our principles of Human Rights and Freedoms. God, Country, and Family, living in the Land of the Free. The following shows the corruption we are facing.



The United States of America and the Whole World, are under attack by the Forces of Evil and God/Allah/Yahweh has joined the Battle. The Army of the Righteous is now under direction of God/Allah/Yahweh and has His Blessings. God/Allah/Yahweh Save And Bless The United States Of America And Guide Your Army Of The Righteous.


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