The United States Is Our Home.

The United States Is Our Home. The United States of America has been infiltrated by Evil Ones who have tried to take our Knowledge and Belief in God/Allah/Yahweh away from US and our Children. They have spent generations corrupting our Children and Destroying the Values that made this Nation Great. Our politicians have taken the oath of office but have betrayed it because they worship idols instead of God/Allah/Yahweh. They have sold us out for riches and power, and are just Evil Ones now. God/Allah/Yahweh predicted this long ago.



The Presidents of the Past knew this, as does our President Trump. God/Allah/Yahweh is the God of Abraham, and the only true Living Immortal God, and the Master of Heaven and Earth. The prophets spoke of these endtimes and the events that would signal it has arrived. Do your research and see the Truth that God/Allah/Yahweh foretold. You still have some time, but not much, to change yourselves and become Worthy Children of God/Allah/Yahweh. God/Allah/Yahweh has stated what you must do to enter Heaven, and receive the gifts he has promised. You can not enter Heaven or Receive the Gifts promised, except through God/Allah/Yahweh and his Judgement. Only a few have been allowed in Heaven so far, but the Rapture is coming, and after that, the Judgement Day Predicted.



President Trump spoke of the Crisis at the US southern border, but he failed to articulate well the consequences of inaction. Many illegal aliens have hurt our American People after they have entered the United States. Many have numerous deportations, and the cause is our porous southern border. The drug cartels use the gangs to smuggle their drugs and sex slaves, and they pretend to be innocent immigrants. They have children inside the US that are born as US Citizens so they can take over areas of the US and Vote in Leaders that will create laws beneficial to themselves and Not the United States. They wish to Destroy the United States from the inside, and transform it into a country that they control and can further corrupt with Evil values that do not match that of the United States Constitution. The immigration system has been corrupted and those entering do NOT share our values and refuse to assimilate to the ways of our Country. You see this happening in Europe, and it will happen here unless we correct our immigration system and protect our borders. We need the border wall, and we need to correct the immigration system, or we are lost as a nation, and we will become just a memory. This is what is at stake.






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