Voting System Failures.

Voting System Failures. Today we are seeing an abuse of our US voting systems. The failure for various counties to report properly is a violation of voting laws and therefore the votes from those counties should be dismissed per law. Voting laws were created to make sure voter fraud does not occur and affect elections, yet those voter laws are not being enforced. Why ???

Democrats Setting Up Voter Fraud.

Greatest threat to US democracy.

The very heart of American Citizenship and Democracy is now under attack, and as usual, the Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists, are using every evil trick they have, with no consequence, because the Rule of Law is Not being enforced.

Failure To Uphold The United States Constitution.

Government, for the People, by the People.

Liberty And Justice For All ???

The RULE OF LAW is gone in the United States of America.

United States Fails To Enforce Rule Of Law.

US Needs Justice And Rule Of Law.

The EVIL ONES are attempting to Destroy our core beliefs of GOD, Country, and Family. The systems must be restored to the way our founders created them, or we are no longer God Fearing American People. We will be Evil self serving Devils with no regards for others. The Battle of Good vs Evil is upon US, and the World.

Evil Ones.


EVIL Leaders And Their Followers.

VOTE for God/Allah/Yahweh.


God/Allah/Yahweh Bring Your Wrath Against The Evil Ones. God/Allah/Yahweh Show The People Of Earth The Path Of Righteousness.

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