The Crazy, Evil Ones.

The Crazy, Evil Ones. The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists condoned Violent Protests and Acts of Vandalism by their followers, but Condemn it when they are confronted with it. There have been many attacks against conservatives and they are downplayed, but attacks against Liberals are publicized to excess. Hypocrisy at its worst and twisted to their benefit.

The Bombs appear to be poorly made and why would they have a timer? What was the timer set for? Did the Bombs have enough Power to detonate the explosives? How come we have pictures of the unopened package, x-rayed package, and the device outside? This must be viewed as suspicious due to the threat not being neutralized prior to photo.

Please explain why we have so much detail and why the unit was photographed prior to neutralization? Was it assessed to be fake, and that is why we have these photos? This is very strange, especially when the package also contained white powder. Are these photos from a safe and secure area or are they from inside the building?

We seem to be given a lot more information than is usually provided until the suspect(s) are captured. The Release of this information is against standard procedure, unless it is being used for political reasons. Political reasons now must make the American People Skeptical of these devices. No One has been injured and there is no property damage, because the powder is not real and the Bombs are probably non functional.

The scare is being used to benefit politics. The Bomb Maker is either the worst one in history, or this is just a political stunt. Funny how the Most Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists are targeted, but none of them are injured, or any of the followers, yet all of them are speaking against the President, Republicans, and conservatives. We have NOT heard anything from them about increasing security or having fear about future attacks. How Come?

The Evil Ones are known for Lies and Deceptions. They will try anything and use it to their advantage. If the attacks were real, then their fear would be immense and they would traumatized. Instead they politically attack and attempt to use it to energize their base to vote. Anyone who truly is fearful does not attack their political opposition, but seeks the capture of those who attempted to harm them and/or others. They would also put further protections in place to keep themselves and their followers safe. Do you see any of this? No, you do NOT.

The Evil Ones are Crazy for Power and will Try anything to Regain it, and Stop themselves from being further investigated. What they do not realize is the investigations into their Crimes is already under way and can Not be Stopped.

God/Allah/Yahweh is fighting with The Righteous Army to take down the Evil Ones and prepare US for Judgement.
God/Allah/Yahweh Bless The Righteous And Protect Them. God/Allah/Yahweh Bring The Evil Ones To Your Justice And Punishment.

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