Stop Stalling Senate Confirmations.

Stop Stalling Senate Confirmations. The “Deepstate” has announced itself as real, and due to the Senate slowing the Confirmations of President Trump’s selected personnel, they are still present in positions of power. This is unacceptable and the Senate needs to change its rules, so they can put President Trump’s personnel in place and root out these Traitors of the United States of America. If the Senate refuses to do this, then the US Military should be put their resources and personnel in place, to root out these Traitors, and until their Senate confirmed replacements are put in place. The “Deepstate” must be found and neutralized for the sake of our National Security. The Senate needs to do their jobs without obstructionists behavior, because this “Deepstate” has announced itself and its purpose to subvert our government and elected officials.

These Evil people have their own agenda, and it goes against the agenda the American People voted for. The time has come to “Drain The Swamp” for the “Swamp” has declared WAR on the American People and the United States of America. It is time to clean house, and save this Great Republic.

God/Allah/Yahweh Bless America And Save Her, Use Your Mighty Powers To Take Down These Evil People So Your Army Of Righteousness Can Praise And Cheer You.

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